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Here you will find golf tips and instructions, course reviews and golf equipment.

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About Golfoasisworld

Here you can read about Golfoasisworld. I became interested in golf while working as a contributing editor for a magazine. In the sports section, from time to time there were interviews with members of different golf clubs. They talked about golf with such enthusiasm that I involuntarily began to study this game, golf equipment, and the experience of famous golfers.

However, in the process of studying this topic, I found many difficult and interesting points, so at the GolfOasisWorld we are passionate about helping people to improve at golf.

We are committed to helping you improve your golf game through golf knowledge, instruction, and equipment reviews.

When you start to be interested in golf, many questions arise: How should I grip the club? What is the difference between a driver, a wood, and an iron? What is the etiquette on the golf course? How many clubs in a golf bag? If you are curious about it, welcome to the fantastic world of Golfoasisworld.