How Long Does it Take a Golf Cart to Charge?

Before we answer the question “How long does a battery take to charge?”, you will need to hear about several factors. There are three major factors that affect the answer:

  1. kind of the batteries
  2. kind of the charger
  3. too high or freezing temperature

This post will provide you with detailed information about the above-mentioned points. It will suggest you a few tips to decrease the charging time and to hold your device in an appropriate form.

How Long Does it Take a Golf Cart to Charge? Typical Charging Time

It may vary depending on the producer of the golf cart as some of them can recharge more lasting than others. In case you have a fully discharged battery pack, it may spend eight-fifteen hours to charge. The charging time can alter due to the main factors including:

  • kind of the battery charger
  • meteorological conditions
  • battery’s time of life etc.

Remember you need to await two extra amp hours during the golf cart battery is energizing to refrigerate it.

How Long Does it Take a Golf Cart to Charge?
How Long Does it Take a Golf Cart to Charge?

Identifying the quantity of series you ought to power a golf cart battery would assist a lot. In case you possess a voltage meter, you can identify the number of amp hours you’ve utilized. You could do it by locating the capacity of the golf cart battery. Then divide it by amp hours on the battery charger.

Aspects that Impact Recharging Time

Plenty of factors affect the period it spends to completely charge your golf cart battery. You could check them beneath.

1. Kind of the Golf Cart Battery

Widespread batteries are electrolytic ones. Batteries take to charge fully from eight to twelve hr. In case you utilize a fast charger, you could decrease the time period of charging in half. It is crucial to utilize the right charger. It must be compliant with your battery.

Please note the battery must run low to half of the total capacity. In case you get a one hundred ampere battery you could use fifty amp hours prior to recharging. In case you get old batteries (which deteriorated to 80% capacity), you require recharging when you’ve used thirty amperes.

charge cycle

To look into the matter you need to learn what the adequate charging cycle is.

As for the battery period of operation, it is comprised of powering up, discharging, coupled with recharging. An accumulator with an appropriate charging cycle and a proper case last up to 7 years.

The recommendation is to refrain from exploiting the accumulator’s power before charging. The basic advice is to keep fifty percent of the battery life in stock before every usage. In case the battery often remains below fifty percent, the battery may severely damage.

You should not recharge the accumulator up to ninety percent. It leads to a reduction of the service life and a waste of longer time on the next charging process.

2. Overall Battery Quality

It is rather crucial whether you use an old or new battery and also overall quality. Outdated accumulators are becoming more ineffective as the supplies can wear out. It usually happens from three to seven yrs after purchase.

A relatively new battery (aged approximately 2 yr.) may recharge to full charge more slowly than a bit older one. It happens because a golf cart accumulator loses its power over the years. So, you may prime an older battery with less capacity more rapidly.

Verify that your accumulator is loaded to capacity prior to utilize it (mainly when it comes to the newest ones). Brand-new batteries may recharge quicker than old ones. So if you are not happy with your age-old accumulator anymore, you should buy a modern one.

3. The Depth of Discharge

In case the accumulator wasn’t completely ran out of power prior to the charging process, it may take to charge fully fewer hrs. It means the deeper the battery runs low, the more hrs it takes to fully charge.

Accumulators with the Depth of Discharge (DOD) of the power cells of fifty percent would spend 10 hrs (or even more) by recharging utilizing a lightweight charger. It is also possible to use a heavy-duty charger. In the case of utilizing a heavy-duty charger the period of recharging may decrease, but not overly.

4. Meteorological Conditions

Warm climate influences the battery charge. This may be amazing for humans, but not for a golf cart. In case you hold your device in a rather hot premise the accumulator will undergo permanent damage. It will also lessen a battery’s lifespan.

Golf Car and Meteorological Conditions

Too low temperatures may hurt, so you shouldn’t keep it outside. In case you have no premise for keeping your cart, anyway hold an accumulator inside.

5. Overcharging or Undercharging

When you go on sending power into the accumulator when it is completely charged it leads to destruction. In case it is fully charged, you must unplug your battery. Otherwise, you may diminish the battery’s lifespan.

In case of utilizing an automatic charger, you could dismiss this note. Automatic charges generally cease recharging when the accumulator is complete. During recharging your battery, the power cells must vaporize moisture.

You shouldn’t allow undercharging too. If your accumulator is not charged for quite a while, it may die.

Pieces of Advice to Extend the Battery Life

It is rather crucial to store your accumulator in an adequate way. Below there are a couple of instructions:

1. Recharging the golf cart batteries after usage

Recharge the accumulator from eight to twelve hrs. with the appropriate charger (unsuitable golf cart charger has 2-5 amp output). The general rule is to connect it to the power supply with a battery charger at night. The unsuitable charger would not cope with its task regardless of the wasted time.

2. Cleansing the batteries

Accumulators collect dust and mud and it is rather crucial to keep them clean. You should:

  1. Keep the caps dry, fresh, and dense (Wash them with a brush and a mortar of soda and water. Do not forget about safety glasses and latex gloves)
  2. Use an anti-rust atomizer
  3. Hold battery couplers densely
  4. Verify the serviceability of the golf cart batteries oftentimes
  5. Hold the vent tops on the spot during charging and exploitation
  6. Don’t leave the plates in the open

3. Irrigate the golf cart batteries occasionally

Wet cell accumulators need irrigation routinely to provide great battery performance. You have to inspect your golf cart’s battery monthly and irrigate the battery after complete recharging. It is crucial to utilize distilled water.

Heat is worse for car batteries than cold

Irrigating should take place on schedule and in the right quantities. In case the accumulator is deeply discharged there must be enough water to coat the plates.

4. Staying in an inactive state can damage the lead-acid batteries

Unless you intend to utilize your batteries for quite a while, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Renew charging once in 2 months for great efficiency
  2. Do not drain the battery lower than eighty percent
  3. Old accumulators demand watering more commonly and lasting charging time
  4. Recharge a battery to full capacity prior to keeping or reactivation
  5. Retain the batteries in a chilly and dry place as meteorologic conditions influence the battery charge
  6. Write down the battery voltage of every battery cell for further notes


Below you could look through the most frequent question and find the short answers.

How Long Does it Take a 48 Volt Golf Cart to Charge?

Charge golf cart batteries from eight to ten hrs with an adequate golf cart charger. It is desirable to charge a golf cart at night after utilizing it in the daytime to prepare for the next ride.
To identify the recharging speed you could get the ampere hr. rating of the batteries and split it by fifteen.

How Do You Know When Your Golf Cart is Fully Charged?

You can use an ammeter or an aerometer to determine it. Also, you could see a confirmation of an accomplished charging cycle. You could do it by checking the indicators on the E.R.I.C. golf cart battery charger.

Should I Leave my Golf Cart Plugged in All the Time?

Many golf cart chargers or automatic chargers offer a consistent energy flow to hold the batteries in a good shape and switch it off if necessary. On the other hand, it is desirable to drain the battery and recharge it later.
Keeping golf carts connected to electricity all the time is necessary for entrepreneurs, who always need charged carts for their customers who rent them.
A lot of battery chargers cause permanent damage when leaving your golf cart battery connected to the power-supply network all along. So, it is better not to remain them plugged in, but to charge a golf cart after it is drained.

How Long Will a 48 Volt Golf Cart Run?

The typical ambit of the average golf cart is from 8 to 10 mi.

How Long Does it Take a Completely Dead Golf Cart to Charge?

Many golf carts take to charge longer than other ones. In case your battery is fully discharged, it may last from eight to fourteen hours to charge.

Auxiliary Sources

There is plenty of info about battery chargers you could find on the Internet, in manuals, or in specialized literature, but it is desirable to review all visibly. This way you better remember the info.

Here are a couple of extra sources. Here you will find some professional advice. It may assist to keep regular maintenance and prolong the lifespan of your golf cart battery charger –

Here you could learn all the risks and precautionary measures –

Final Word

It is necessary to know a lot to charge golf cart batteries in a proper way. After looking through this post you learn all the necessary info about golf cart batteries and battery chargers. Follow the precautionary measures as they can save your life. You also learn the charging time of your club car battery and the method to prolong batteries’ average lifespan too.

Write in the comments how long your golf cart takes to charge. Please leave feedback, if this article was useful for you.

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