How to Organize a 14-Slot Golf Bag – The Ultimate Guideline

Many people seek comfort and simplification of life as the vital rhythm is rather rapid now. And many golfers are no exception. If you have a golf bag with no separators, you probably understand that it is not easy to use.

An experienced golfer always knows how to organize a 14-slot golf bag. This type of golf bag detaches every golf club to prevent rubbing or corrosion. Nowadays, 14-slot golf bags have become immensely popular and this article will tell you how to use these golf bags.

How to Organize a 14-Slot Golf Bag?
How to Organize a 14-Slot Golf Bag?

If you have organized your golf bag incorrectly, then you would not be able to find this or that thing or pull out a golf club in a short period. All this can affect the golf game.

So, if you are a newcomer and desire to arrange your 14-slot golf bag, you should comply with the below-mentioned golfing tips.

How to Organize a 14-Slot Golf Bag?

It is better to arrange the clubs into some easy categories to have easy access to them. This is made possible thanks to the 14-way separator. Most golfers classify by type, but others can do it by the club number or by driver loft.

Below you could figure out several points on how to organize a 14-slot golf bag.

The Organization by Type

Any golf bag possesses fourteen slots. One gap is intended for every kind of golf club for newcomers as fairway woods.

Hold the clubs in safety from slapping with other clubheads by packing them in a piece of cloth

In such a way you could classify all your golf clubs and get any kind of club you need momentarily. In case you require a three-iron for use with the steep hill, you could seize it quickly and would not mix the other clubs.

The Organization by Loft

One more method to arrange the golf bag is to classify the clubs with equal lofts into the same lot.

You could implement it with any iron you have. For instance, you could put your eight-irons or nine-irons in one place in your bag.

Having an organized golf bag is essential in a match

You could also combine diverse kinds of irons according to lofts. For instance, you could bunch every single one of the four irons.

Protection of Your Golf Clubs

The protection of your golf clubs plays a significant role, especially if they are rather expensive clubs. They must be secured in case your golf bag comes down to the ground.

So, it is better to follow the following pieces of advice:

  1. Hold the costliest golf clubs at the bottom of the golf bag
  2. Hold the clubs in safety from slapping with other clubheads by packing them in a piece of cloth
  3. Be certain that the heads of the clubs are always right down to the ground
  4. Verify that the handles do not lie along the sides of the bag or over the other handles
  5. Think about buying club head covers
Clubs must be in protective covers

Following these basic rules will assist you to protect your costly items. This way they will not roll in the bag and knock on each other.

Actions to Group 14 Separator Golf Bag

To group your golf clubs appropriately, you should:

Pull Out All the Things from the Bag

You should pull out all the clubs, golf balls, ball markers, and other things from the bag. This is essential to begin arranging from scratch.

Outside the box, you could discover a coating that comes over the upper part of the bag. It is necessary to hold all the things safe as well as dry.

Additionally, take away all the things that are irrelevant to the golf course (keys, goggles, broken balls, etc).

Arrange the Required Items

As soon as you have gathered all your clubs and other things, you should deal with them.

To begin with, be certain that you have left all the multiple-use things on one side (clubs, golf balls, etc).

Other disposable things that belong to the golf course you should leave on the other side (torn gloves, torn balls, old scorecards, and so on). It can assist you to realize how much free area was in the golf bag.

Wash the Backpack and Clubs

Wash your bag before using it. In case you do not do it regularly, grime and grass stain your bag and clubs. You may bring your bag to such an awful state, that you would have to buy a new bag.

Many golfers today do not wash their bags, but it will assist in organizing your belongings.

Note: Remember that washing your bag depends on the material.

Firstly, you should clean your golf bag with the help of a vacuum. Also, avert utilizing aggressive agents. They may affect the material.

Secondly, wipe the clubs with the help of a dry napkin to clean the grime. Every single one of us owns a beloved club and it would be a shame if the club rusted.

Stages to Arrange 14-Slot Golf Bags Perfectly

You could arrange a 14-slot golf bag in the same manner as the other ones. The only different thing is that the suggested bags own a separate section for each type of club.

If you follow the below-mentioned stages, you would organize a 14-slot golf bag perfectly.

Firstly, you should conduct physical verification of the necessary golf equipment that you own. It should contain:

  • wedges
  • putters
  • irons
  • woods

It is better to start organizing with the woods as they are the tallest clubs. If a golf bag sits on a cart, such types of clubs must be towards the backward area in the forefront.

Note: You should locate the heaviest clubs at the bottom of the backpack.

Since you realize what exactly you own, you could begin to pack your well-organized golf bag!

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Stage 1 – Wedges

In case the putter is ahead of the golf bag, it turns out to determine the section for your wedges is simpler. In the case the putter is behind, you begin from the front left corner of the golf bag.

You should grab the lowest lofted golf club (it can be a lob wedge) and put the club into the fore left-handed putter slot. As for the sand wedge, put it into the nearest section from the right.

Then, drop off your gap wedge. And finish with the pitching wedge that will go at the front from the right side.

Wedges clubs are the first to be loaded into a 14-slot golf bag

Your maximum lofted club must be on the left-hand side. Your pitching wedges must be on the right-hand side.

Stage 2 – Irons (Middle Irons and Short Irons)

Irons (Middle Irons and Short Irons)

After your pitching wedge comes to your nine-iron. It suits the lower middle row all along on the right-wing slot.

After that, all your irons (the nine-, seven-, and six-iron) must complete the next row (from the right to the left).

Stage 3 – Long Irons and Hybrids

Another stage is to put your longest clubs and hybrids into the 14-slot golf bag. Grab your longest iron (five-iron or five-hybrid) and put it into the upper middle row all along on the right-wing remaining slots.

Then put your four-iron or four-hybrid and place it from the right to the left.

Golf Hybrid

In the end, put your three-iron or three-hybrid into the latest gap in the row.

Stage 4 – Putter

They are the shortest clubs in a golf set. The broadest opening in your bag is set aside for the putter. It happens because the dimension of the putter handles is growing. So you require an extra area to suit them conveniently.

Note: If you put the flat stick into the bag, it will be simpler to classify other golf clubs and other accessories.

The Putter is the Shortest Club in the Golf Set

The location of the putter well ranges between bags. Some of them are directly ahead or underneath the golf bag, as they are the most commonly used clubs.

And on the contrary, the others serve to the lower lofted clubs in the forefront or beneath (at the back of the section for woods).

Stage 5 – Pockets for Tees and Golf Balls

A slot golf bag usually has several pockets. They provide an area for suitable keeping.

The front-mounted ones at the bottom of the bag you could use for placement of your tees as well as balls. As a rule, many people locate them in front of the bag as an easy-access pocket.

Stage 6 – Side-Mounted Pockets

There are side-mounted pockets (appended to the balls and tees pocket) that keep your things of value. Extra side-mounted pockets serve to keep your guides, goggles, gloves, and so on.

Stage 7 – Side-Mounted Apparel Pockets

Most golf bags include a side-mounted apparel pocket. It has a zipper and a roomy section. It provides enough free area to keep your raincoat, headgear, and so on.

On the other hand, you should not carry a heavy bag around. It is better to bring only what you need.

Stage 8 – Beverage Pocket

Contemporary bags provide a chilling pocket to store your drinks. You should not store any other equipment, swing weight trainer, or divot repair tools there.

Contemporary bags provide a chilling pocket to store your drinks

Auxiliary Sources

There is plenty of information about how to organize a 14-way golf bag you could find in the manuals or articles.

However, it is desirable to review all visibly.

Here is one extra source. It will help you to arrange your 14-way golf bag featuring Vessel Player III Stand Bag and other equipment. Subsequently, you will play golf with no worries.

FAQ about Arranging Your Clubs

Below you could look through the most frequent question and find the short answers.

How Do You Arrange Clubs in a Golf Cart Bag?

To arrange your clubs in a golf cart bag for your personal preference, you should follow some instructions:
1. Pull out all the items from your bag
2. Check out your belongings and take away all the unnecessary things
3. Wash the bag and the clubs
4. Begin arranging with the longer clubs
5. Append the irons
6. Append the shorter clubs
7. Locate the necessary belongings to the accessible pocket

How Do I Organize my Callaway Org 14?

This bag has full-length dividers. Your golf clubs must adhere to the progressive order from the back right to left. In short, your driver locates at the bottom left and your wedges and putters locate on the right. Some backpacks place the putter well at the bottom of the bag.

How Do You Arrange Golf Clubs in a Golf Bag?

Arrange the clubs bearing in mind their length. For instance, if you own a two-iron and a three-iron, place the latter at the head of the bag. In case you possess pitching wedges and sand wedges side-by-side, store the pitching wedge ahead of the bag. This way you could pull the pitching wedge out more simpler.
Decouple the woods from the irons by utilizing the front-facing sections for the longest club. As a rule, it is much more complicated to use woods than irons.

How Many Slots Do You Need in a Golf Bag?

Each of the 4 slots in the bag store diverse kinds of clubs. However, that is not all you require while playing. Figure out how to organize the clubs and the necessary belongings.


So, now you have known how to organize a 14-slot golf bag and other clubs and it is time to get started!

Keep in mind that arranging makes sense, so find the time to arrange your bag as soon as possible.

Keeping your equipment structured properly will assist you to function on the field normally and will not waste your time trying to find the right club.

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