What Hand Do You Wear Golf Glove?

Any young potential player is interested in answering the following question – “What hand do you wear a golf glove?”. For professional golfers, the reply is evident – “Golfers usually wear a sole glove on their non-dominant hand.”

Keep in mind that a correctly selected glove can allow you to feel relaxed on the golf course and affect the result. Additionally, golf gloves may keep your hands warm in volatile temp.

It is a crucial topic as it has many tricky moments. For instance, many golfers wear merely one glove on their weak hands, whereas others wear a pair of gloves. Others do not use them at all or put them off where appropriate.

So, it is up to you what to select, but there are a couple of rules you should follow. In this article, scratch golfers would find all the necessary info.

What Hand Do You Wear Golf Glove: Right or Left?

You should wear your golf glove on your weaker hand. Occasionally, most golfers call a less dominant hand a lead hand. So, right-handed players utilize a left-handed glove, and left-handed players put on a glove on the right hand.

What hand do you wear golf glove?
What hand do you wear golf glove?

At this time, the other hand is naked (in case you are a right-handed golfer it is your left hand). This way, most golfers sense their club more and perfect the grip. So, a number of golfers put on no golf gloves for short iron shots. In the case participants utilize a golf glove on the dominant hand, it will influence the slope of the golf club and how they could handle it.

If it is equally easy for you to use both your right hand and left hand, it is up to you which hand you would put on the golf glove. There is also no need to wear golf gloves on both hands as gloves are made for improving the grip, but not the shot.

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What Things Should You Take into Account when Selecting Golf Gloves?

Some specifics affect the choice of golf gloves. You could check them below.

The Norms

There are several norms about the designing and styling of golf gloves. Golf gloves are intended to not cause any inconvenience or vice-versa golfer benefit.

They mustn’t obtain extra functions which can unjustly affect a game. These norms are rather peculiar and apply to the:

  • material
  • fit
  • style
If you play with a right-handed golf swing, you wear a golf glove on your left hand

So, in case you are engaging in competition, be sure that your equipment, as well as gloves, are compatible with the policies.

The Fit

The golf glove must provide as snug fit as a second skin. A golf glove also should not be too voluminous or too lose glove as it can disturb the grip and movements.

The point is that the golf glove fits properly and lowers the motions of the hand as you capture your club.

A right-handed golfer wears a golf glove on his left hand

Every vendor releases the good that will fit differently despite the equal size, so try a couple of different brands before picking the best glove for you.

The Meteorological Conditions and Temperature

Meteorological Conditions influence the selection of gloves.

For instance, soft leather gloves are suitable for good weather. These gloves fit tightly, do not superheat the hand, and provide a steady grip.

On the other hand, these gloves do not suit wet weather. As time passes this soft material may firm up and get unbending if you do not provide proper care.

Gloves of synthetic material are suitable for changeable conditions and provide robustness.

Every avid golfer owns a peculiar pair of gloves for wet conditions.

Every avid golfer has a special pair of gloves for rainy weather

Utilizing the gloves in rainy conditions, would hold your hands dry and get a good grip. In case the temp. decreases you should use winter gloves. Winter gloves will keep the heat.

Selecting the Proper Size and Fit of the Golf Gloves

There is a wide assortment of sizes to fit every hand shape and the glove size means a lot.

The appropriate gloves must:

  • be accurate
  • not restrict movement
  • fit tightly, but do not cut off the blood supply
  • be not loose
The right golf glove will allow you to move your fingers without discomfort

Please note that the proper glove should not fit too snugly. You should bend your fingers as well as hand without discomfort.

The proper glove should not fit too snugly

Diverse vendors provide various fits and sizes, so you should sample a couple of suppliers to choose your perfect option.

Please note that girls or kids with miniature hands require gloves with specific sizing.

For What Purposes Does a Player Desire to Use a Golf Glove?

These motives are rather obvious. Firstly, it is an improved grip to perform your full swings. Of course, it will not assist you to learn a famous grip by Tiger Woods. However, it would avert sliding your club out of the fingers due to auxiliary rubbing of the glove.

As for the well-known Tiger Woods and his wet weather training, he wears more pairs of gloves than most enthusiasts in several years. Many players do not like rainy weather, however, if you are a golfer from a PGA Tour Professional you must cope with diverse circumstances.

Tiger Woods usually always wears gloves

Secondly, golf gloves would assist to defend your hands from fraying and calluses. Participants know how traumatic the training after a long break is. Also, they often use only one glove as the lead hand contacts with the club more and requires more defense.

Is It Necessary to Wear a Glove, on One Hand, Two Gloves on Both Hands, or not to Utilize them Completely?

Major of golfers from PGA Tour Professionals use merely one glove on their weak hand for major shots as this hand does most of the work.

As for utilizing two golf gloves, it is not widespread, but possible. More frequently it happens in wet conditions and cold weather. People put on golf gloves on both hands if their hands sweat pftentimes or the weather is too hot.

Other players do not utilize them at all as they see no need for them. For instance, when putting and performing a particular swing.

Some golfers do not like to use a glove while playing

To sum up, it is up to you to determine should the golf glove be worn, a pair of them, or not to wear them at all.

Should You Wear Gloves for Every Shot?

Some golfers put off the golf gloves for putts or short iron shots to sense the shots. Others wear a golf glove. So, it depends on your personal preference.

What Material Are the Golf Gloves Made of?

There are plenty of diverse glove brads, stylings, and materials. Each one possesses pros and cons, so you should select the best gloves for you.

The most widespread type of high-end gloves is made of Genuine Cabretta Leather. It offers developed grip, suppleness, the most feedback, and the experience of the swing. However, it may be worn out rather faster than a synthetic glove. The major part of professional players selects them.

The most widespread type of high-end gloves is made of Genuine Cabretta Leather

Additionally, golf gloves can be made of synthetic material and hybrid materials.

Synthetic leather is rather affordable and more long-lasting. However, synthetic gloves do not allow air to pass through.

It is rather important to provide proper care to prolong the life of the golf gloves. You should hold them in the pouch of the golf bag.

Additionally, choose the kind of golf glove which obtains air drying. This way your golf equipment will be worn more pleasantly. Also, irrigate your glove with cold water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could look through the most frequent question and find the short answers.

Why Wear a Golf Glove?

Utilizing a golf glove would assist to avoid sliding the club, providing a developed grip, and defending from the formation of the blisters. It is also fruitful if a player has sweaty hands or the weather is rainy.

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Here you could find the reply to the following questions –

  1. “Which hand do you wear a golf glove and why?”
  2. “Which glove wear left-handed golfers and right-handed golfers?”

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Golf Glove

Here are a couple of advantages to wearing a golf glove:
1. developed grip while you performing a golf swing
2. prevent sliding of the club
3. prevent callouses formation
4. assist long-iron shots
Additionally, here are a couple of disadvantages to wearing a golf glove too:
1. reduction of the feeling that affects accuracy
2. a rather high price

Final Word

We hope, this article gave your all the necessary information, even though it can be problematic to determine whether to put on a glove. Golf gloves could develop your convenience as well as the result. Nevertheless, not each shot demands wearing gloves, so new golfers do not use them.

Firstly, you should weigh the pros and cons. In case you decide to put on a glove you should choose the styling and material that would suit exactly for you. It is also up to you to wear two gloves or none.

Please leave feedback, if this post was useful for you. We wish you good luck in choosing your best golf gloves!

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