How to Clean Golf Balls? Action Tip

Golf equipment is a rather costly affair and golf balls are no exception. So, it is preferable to wash your already present golf balls and not purchase new ones.

How to Clean Golf Balls?
How to Clean Golf Balls?

In addition, the cleanliness of your balls influences their lifespan. It also develops a grip between the driver’s head and the ball, its pathway as well as spacing. Meanwhile, a dirty ball wears down the driver’s head. Dirty golf balls can severely affect the outcome of the game and accordingly your mood.

This article will give you some advice on how to clean golf balls and assist to save money, as a special ball washer may cost a small fortune. On our website, you could also find out more articles on various topics of interest to you.

How to Clean Golf Balls? Different Methods to Wash Dirty Golf Balls

Washing the golf balls is a crucial thing for an amazing game, so you should learn about some methods to let them look squeaky clean.

A dirty golf ball can be cleaned in water

You could find them below:

Washing the Balls on the Golf Course

There are several methods to clean golf balls on the course. This way you will not get distracted from the play.

  • Golf ball cleaners
    Keep in mind that most golf courses possess golf ball cleaners next to every gap loaded with foamy solution.
  • Towel for golf balls
    Be certain that your golf towel is always at hand. Utilize it to clean balls of grime, mud, and grass. Most of the golfers carry additional towels with them.
  • Ball Bag Cleaner
    Other golfers appreciate a special golf ball bag cleaner. It is tiny, so it is not complicated to carry it around. With this portable ball washer, you will always keep your golf balls clean.
  • Pants
    And when nothing more remains, you could remove the grime with your pants.

Cleaning your golf ball appears a little troublesome, but you should do it to achieve the best possible results in this sport.

So, take time to clean your golf balls as soon as possible.

Utilizing Soap and Warm Water

You could wash golf balls effortlessly utilizing soap and water. It is better to heat water a little. This way it will be more powerful.

After preparation of the solution and a bucket, you should:

  1. Get rid of the mud and dirt utilizing a piece of cloth
  2. Fill your container with hot water with soap
  3. Clean dirty golf balls
  4. Scrub them with some elbow grease to take away heavy dirt (utilizing a soft-bristled brush or a piece of cloth)

Here you could find a short video. It will show you how to clean your golf balls in a cleaning solution

Soaking the Golf Balls

  1. Firstly, prepare a suitable bucket and pour the warm water, but not too hot (additionally, you could add some white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, soap, or ammonium into the bucket filled with warm water)
  2. Then, soak the golf balls in the solution for 60 minutes and rinse them under flowing water rather carefully
  3. The last step is to dry the balls completely utilizing a towel or a piece of cloth (you should pack only completely dry your balls into your golf bag)
Golf Balls Look like new after Cleaning

Utilizing a Dishwasher

The dishwasher method is the simplest as well as quickest method to wash golf balls at home. However, it will operate more effectively for lightly soiled balls.

  1. To begin with, get rid of the grime or dirt that may stick on your golf ball (utilizing a towel or rinse them under flowing water)
  2. Verify that there is no dish in the dishwasher
  3. Then, fill the suitable section in your dishwasher with the dish soap
  4. Grab your balls and locate them on the top rack of your dishwashing machine
  5. Turn on a hot cycle with the option of pre-washing, if your dishwasher possesses such an option ( In case you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the process)
  6. Finally, dry the balls completely utilizing a towel or a piece of cloth

The balls must sparkle as well as remain clean in any case. So, try and you will appreciate a dishwasher method.

Utilizing a Nail Polish Remover

Utilizing a nail polish remover is also one of the most workable methods.

  1. Firstly, you should rinse used golf balls with clean water to get rid of the excess dirt
  2. Then, put a nail polish remover on a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and clean golf balls unless the dirt vanishes (it will also help to clean permanent marker)
  3. Additionally, utilize dish soap
  4. The last step is to permit them to air dry outdoors or dry them on your own utilizing a clean towel

For more visual information you could check out this auxiliary source –

That’s all the methods! We are sure that at least one of them will suit you.

In this article you will be able to learn how to hit a draw in golf.

The List of 5 Crucial Things to Avert When You Clean Your Golf Balls

Although there are plenty of great ways to clean golf balls, you should avert several things in order not to damage golf balls. Remember that an unsuitable cleaning agent may result in rust on your ball.

Here is a small list of 5 crucial things to avert:

  1. Soaking in water long enough
    It is permissible to permit the golf balls to soak in lukewarm water for an hour. However, do not soak them for too much time. Otherwise, your golf balls will be over moistening and it will influence their output.
  2. Keeping golf balls under direct sunlight
    It is permissible to leave your used golf balls dry outdoors for a while. But you should not keep the balls under direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Excessive warmth may destroy their exterior cover.
  3. Utilizing acid chemical substances
    There are both sparing and aggressive chemical substances and you should avoid using acid ones. Otherwise, you could ruin the exterior cover of the golf balls. Therefore, they will lose their features while hitting them on the course.
  4. Utilizing neat bleach
    You should not utilize undiluted bleach in any case, as it will ruin the exterior cover of the golf balls. However, you still could use it but in moderate amounts. Just append a little water to it and your used golf balls will become snow-white again.
  5. Purchasing a golf course ball washer
    There is no need to purchase a costly ball washer. In addition, they take up a lot of space. This device is rather convenient to utilize merely on the course. It is better to implement affordable at-home methods, as a for-profit ball washer is just a complete waste of money.

If you avoid the above-mentioned points your golf balls last longer. So, you could save money.

There are several methods to clean golf balls on the course

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could look through the most frequent question and find the short answers.

How Do I Get My Golf Ball White Again?

There are plenty of ways to get your golf balls snow-white again. To achieve it, they should become as clean as possible.
Then, put your golf balls into the soapy water and let them soak for an hour. Finally, scrub them thoroughly and let them dry. As a result, your balls are white again.
Note: it is better to utilize hot water.

How Do Professional Golfers Clean Their Balls?

At the time of the golf round, there is a player-assistant (caddy), who is responsible to wash the professional player’s golf balls. This way golfers are not get distracted from the play.
While the avid golfer is on the green, the caddy washes his dirty golf ball. Ordinarily, during a round, they utilize freshly cleaned balls every second gap.

Should You Clean All of Your Golf Balls the Same?

The answer is negative. Many of them are reasonably equal, but different ones may demand varying methods of washing.
You should choose a suitable option with caution. A mistake in such a case could cost you to buy new expensive golf balls.

Can You Fix Cracks in Your Golf Ball?

No, you can not fox cracks in your golf ball. If you try to repair it, you will spend a lot of effort and will not achieve the desired result. It is better to purchase a new golf ball.

How Do You Clean All Golf Balls at Once?

Firstly, take a suitable bucket and fill it up with hot water. Then, append one glass of white vinegar or bleach to the bucket. Soak the golf balls for approximately half an hour.
Then, drain the solution from the bucket and utilize a washing machine to completely wash them.

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