How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Golf cart owners are questioning “How long do golf cart batteries last?” and that’s not surprising. It’s a rather costly affair to replace your golf cart battery.

Golf cart batterieslifespan relies on many aspects and if you provide proper maintenance, it would serve you for six-ten years.

Here you would find the info about proper care and factors affecting their life expectancy. Moreover, you would learn some tips that would help you to lengthen their lives.

How long do golf cart batteries last?
How long do golf cart batteries last?

Aspects that Influence Golf Cart Battery Life

Prior to replying “How long do golf cart batteries last?” learn the aspects that may impact the response.

Batteries require exceptional service:

  1. ensure the appropriate level of electrolyte when the device is fully recharged
  2. don’t leave the batteries in a fully discharged state

One more crucial thing is proper exploitation. Batteries in golf fleet applications obtain higher usage than private owners’ carts, so they serve for five to six years. Golfers use a fleet cart for 2 or 3 rounds per day.

As for the private cart, golfers utilize them for three-five rounds weekly, and they last from six to ten years.

Among all the aspects we can distinguish the golf cart features. Headlamps and rear lights impact the batteries’ average life expectancy.

Besides, don’t get home on the cart, if you live next to the golf courses. It leads to shorter battery life spans.

Now, let’s talk in more detail about other factors.

Improper Care

  1. don’t overcharge this device

Charge times rely on the time of life and the kind of battery. New battery charges slow down if it is recharged to 100%.

The down-level one cannot implement that in contrast to the new golf cart battery. It’s better to use an alarm clock to note the time to prevent “overcooking”.

2. provide suitable maintenance

Check the battery once a time in a month and append distilled water. Don’t utilize tap water. Comply with the recommendations of the supplier.

Lead-acid batteries won’t serve for long if you drain them to zero prior to recharging.

Quality Level

It’s crucial to give preference to a high-end device. Low-cost batteries would serve for five years, while high-end ones will give you eight years.

Embedded Features

The more functionalities in your golf cart, the lesser hours the battery would serve you. The functions may include:

  • beep
  • fog lights
  • upgraded motor etc

How Much Further Can a Fully-Charged Golf Cart Drive?

It relies on the supplier. Major gas golf carts have from five to six gals gas tanks and get forty miles to the gal. A fully-charged electronic golf cart would obtain 35 miles.

How to Realize if the Golf Cart Battery is Spoiling?

If the device loses its power, it takes more time to speed up and couldn’t provide the desired speed. The golf cart might have difficulties with climbing hillsides on the golf course.

Thus, in case you don’t get the desirable operation, substitute the battery.

How Long Could Golf Cart Batteries Function On a Single Charge?

Knowers recharge the golf carts after each eighteen-hole round on the golf course. It takes about four-five hrs and is calculated in 3,5 miles.

Is it Obligatory to Plug in the Golf Cart Continuously?

You might do it only if you own an automated charger. As it would hold the battery fully charged.

If the battery isn’t provided for lasting charging, it would get spoiled over time.

How to Realize that the Golf Cart Battery Is Almost Dead? 

There are a couple of indicators that would tell you about the state of the battery.

If you note a couple of the below-mentioned things are familiar to you, it’s time to change the battery.

Declined Miles Driven

Plenty of carts can drive for miles with no need for recharging. The major part of them can keep a charge from ten to fifteen miles.

To check your battery’s longevity, measure the distance of your ordinary trip. If the device is discharging by one-half with time, it requires replacement. Due to the time, course batteries forfeit their potency.

Cracks and Corrosion

To avert such a problem, check the battery terminals on a regular basis. Besides, wash them with baking soda and hot water.

You should substitute the battery packs at once.

You should know that the terminals begin to unplug from the battery packs. It happens if you don’t clean them for a long time.

What’s more, you would never connect the terminal back.

Don’t Maintain Extra Tools

In case you notice that the cart doesn’t turn on the fan or fog lights, your battery packs are dying. Besides, these tools exhaust your battery packs.

Thus, turn them off after finishing the job with the golf cart.

Acid Leakage

In case you note the acid spill, it means that your battery is dead. Occasionally, it can be not acid, but the cleaning solution.

To prevent acid leakage check the fluid levels from time to time. If the level is too elevated or too depleted, it leads to leaking.


If you note a protrusion, the battery is dead. If you take a look at the batteries, you would notice that they locate pretty near to each other. If one of them begins to protrude, it would influence another device.

Thus, get rid of the spoiled device.

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Golf cart

How to Lengthen the Lifespan of the Golf Cart Batteries?

Here is the list of rules that could lengthen your battery lifespan up to 10 years:

  1. unplug the device in case it is charged to 100%
  2. buy an automated charger that can slow down when your battery achieves full charge
  3. when you exploit a manual battery charger, record the time and unplug the manual charger on schedule
  4. plug in the battery every time after finishing (it’s good practice)
  5. don’t ride on the golf course before depleting the battery
  6. test the fluid status once a month
  7. don’t utilize tap water and provide just enough fluid
  8. always turn off the accessories
  9. while driving on the golf course, stay away from steep hills (individuals who drive in such a manner tend to diminish battery lifespan)
  10. don’t outweigh carrying power on the carts
  11. exploit the right charger
  12. choose batteries that offer the guaranty
  13. keep them in a dry and cool place to avert corrosion
  14. don’t acquire a cheap battery (it would help you in the long run)
  15. learn that they are sensitive to hot weather
  16. don’t store your cart laying idle for long periods or buy a trickle charging

By following all the above-mentioned rules you would avoid the worst-case scenario.

As for the trickle charge, this device gradually recharges your batteries and keeps the power state. It will also defend batteries between seasons when they don’t get great usage.

Here is the video that could show you how to prolong the dying battery life.

Final Thoughts on How Long Golf Cart Batteries Serve

To sum up, batteries are complex equipment and cost quite a bit. There are plenty of aspects that affect their life span.

By providing them with appropriate servicing and following the above-mentioned rules, you would use golf carts much longer.

Hope this post provided a response to the main question “How long do golf cart batteries last?” and provides some tips to extend their maintenance period. Good luck!


Below you could find the answers to the frequent questions.

How Long Do 48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Last?

With appropriate maintenance, fleet carts tend to serve you for four to six years. Private carts will serve you from six to ten years.

How Long Do Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Last?

These batteries serve for seven-nine years. You could learn how much life you could calculate of the Trojan battery.
You should look for the marks on the battery’s negative post. The letter determines the month of manufacture while the digit shows the year.

How Long Do Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Last?

The chemical composition of lithium provides a larger amount of charging cycles. Lithium batteries will cycle up to 5.000 times.

How Long Does a Golf Cart Battery Take to Charge?

In case you require to charge a lead-acid type, the process will take you from eight to twelve hrs.
If you covet to significantly reduce the time of charging, using a fast charger is a great idea.

How Long Does a Gas Golf Cart Battery Last?

With appropriate maintenance fleet carts, batteries could serve you for four-six years. From private carts, you could expect to serve for six-ten years.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Golf Cart Batteries?

It’ll price you 800-2000 dollars.

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