7 Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Players Review

If you first begin to play golf, it’s rather difficult to find the appropriate gear. Its diversity is never-ending.

At some point, you might decide that your old club set for newcomers was no longer suitable. Then, you might conclude it’s time to buy a club set for middle players. Thus, be sure that you’re a true middle golfer. As a rule, middle players break 90. But, a major part can shoot 100 and less often less than 80.

Below, you would find the listing of the best golf club set for middle participants. But, below you could check the rated winners:

  1. The Taylormade RBZ Speedlite Golf Set – First-Class Set
  2. Callaway Strata Sixteen Piece – Nice Affordable Variant
  3. Callaway Edge (No Bag) – The Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate Golfers

Go on reading to figure out the detailed description of all the golf club sets.

The Most Outstanding Golf Club Sets For Intermediate Golfers

Investing in a golf club set is an amazing contribution to your future, so keep reading.

1. The Taylormade RBZ Speedlite Golf Set – First-Class Option

Some people think that this set is an upgraded variant of the Callaway Edge. They’re right about some thing. However, the Callaway Edge Golf Club Set misses some features, such as:

  • a bag
  • selection of the shafts etc
RBZ Speedlite Complete
Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Players

The Taylormade RBZ is a premium golf club set for intermediate golfers. With its assistance, middle participants could upgrade their mastery as well as “move to the next level”.

What’s more, you needn’t buy some details to complement. All that is necessary comes with this complete golf club set.

Set Composition

By choosing golf clubs, you would obtain the whole spectrum of premium quality clubs. In particular:

Clubs RBZ 3 wood
  1. a large-sized driver
  2. three and five wood
  3. four and five hybrids
  4. from six to nine irons
  5. pitching wedge
  6. sand wedge
  7. Soft Grip Putter
  8. cart bag


The suggested club set is an outstanding option for:

  1. new and middle golfers
  2. many golfers who desire to level up

What’s more it offers options between:

  1. graphite and steel shafts (to fit any desired swing speed)
  2. regular or senior flex (to make the club an ideal option for any golfer).


  • high quality
  • amazing output
  • light in weight Club
  • an opportunity to choose the shaft material coupled with flex
  • first-class putter
  • the whole range of clubs
  • good price-performance ratio


  • a bit costly
  • may not be suitable for some fast swing speeds and advanced golfers


approximately $1.500




Based on our research, this club set is regarded as the first-class variant. It’s the most outstanding variant for intermediate golfers. Thus, it takes the first place in our rating.

2. Callaway Strata Sixteen Piece Golf Set – Great Accessible Variant

There isn’t a golfer who doesn’t hear about this set. It refers to the top-quality clubs for intermediates coupled with newcomers.

Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Men's Set

As for middles, it’s better to choose the Callaway Strata Sixteen-piece club set. It provides all the clubs you require. Thus, you would cope with some spacing without any interval gaps between the best golf clubs.

Golf Club 6-IRON

Set Composition

  1. a driver
  2. three wood
  3. four, five hybrids
  4. from six to nine irons
  5. pitching wedge
  6. sand wedge
  7. a putter
  8. cart bag
  9. four club heads


This intermediate golf club set fits:

  1. final spacing
  2. output with advanced technology to encompass you from tee to green


  • high-quality intermediate golf club set
  • nice price-performance ratio
  • trusted vendor
  • amazing output
  • assists to develop the game


  • provides steel shafts only in irons
  • no long irons


approximately $600




The Callaway Strata Set is the most accessible set but suggests top quality. It proposes an outstanding price-performance ratio and consistent ball speed. But, the long irons are absent. Thus, the Callaway Strata complete set takes second place in our rating.

3. Callaway Edge – Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate Golfers Without A Bag

In case you aren’t a newcomer, you might have had a bag. If it’s in good working order you do not need a new one. Thus, you could pay attention to a golf club set that doesn’t offer a bag. In such a case, the best variant is the Callaway Edge golf club set.

Callaway Edge 10-Piece Golf Club Set, Left Handed

What’s more, it suggests the Professional Putter, which can boost the accordance on the green. Besides the high-end putter, there´s a high-performance pitching wedge coupled with a sand wedge.

These best golf clubs propose:

  • firm forgiveness
  • interval through the golf bag

Also, they fit casual golfers, who are searching for several additional yards.

Set Composition

  1. driver
  2. three fairway wood
  3. five hybrid
  4. from six to nine irons
  5. a pitching wedge
  6. a putter
  7. a sand wedge


This golf club set is an outstanding variant for newcomers. Also, for high handicappers who are after great forgiveness and interval.


  • high-end
  • professional putter
  • provide forgiving clubs
  • the permanent interval from longer golf clubs


  • bag is absent
  • more costly than others
  • leaves distance gaps in the longer play


around $500




It’s the best golf club set for intermediate golfers in contrast to others that don’t come with golf bags. What’s more, it proposes high-end clubs and possesses the short game covered. Thus, it takes third place in our rating.

4. Cobra Fly XL – Best Option For Seniors Coupled With Slow Swing Velocities

Cobra golf clubs fit newcomers to middle players. Thus, if you covet development, it provides top-quality both beginner clubs and intermediate.

Golf Clubs Cobra Fly XL

What’s more, it offers a choice. You could select:

  • graphite or steel shafts
  • a standard or a flexible shaft

The Cobra is a great option for quick or slow swingers. Thus, it fits newcomers and their path up to middle golfer. At last, it includes a first-class bag with a great number of pockets.

Set Composition

Golf Clubs driver, fairway, hybrid, and irons
  1. driver
  2. three and five fairway wood
  3. from six to nine irons
  4. pitching wedge
  5. four and five hybrids
  6. sand wedge
  7. putter
  8. head covers
  9. cart bag


It is suitable for players who:

  1. don’t concentrate on optimal carry distance
  2. seek accuracy improvement from tee box to green
  3. struggle with slicing

And handicappers, who desire to proceed to the following level of the game.


  • convenient club placement
  • forgiving irons
  • a driver suggests straight shots


  • expensive
  • fairway woods can play a little bit short
  • you couldn’t adjust a hosel
  • sliding weight is absent


around $900




It is an outstanding variant for seniors coupled with men. It is also suitable for slow swing velocities, precision improvement, etc. But, it can be quite costly. Thus, it takes fourth place in our rating.

5. Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Club Set – Best Set with High Output

The Tour Edge complete golf set offers a great combo of the best golf clubs. There’s a handy bag too.

Tour Edge Golf LH Bazooka 370 Complete Set W/Bag Graphite/Steel

The kit guarantees forgiveness and great output that every middle player needs. It also fits a newcomer, but it is better to have skills in playing golf to use it.

The putter is worth noting too. Its appearance makes it more visible on the green. In case you possess trouble with alignment and interval, the short game tools are useful.

Set Composition

Golf Club Tour Edge Bazooka 370
  1. a driver
  2. six irons
  3. 3, 5 wood
  4. 2 hybrids
  5. a bag
  6. a putter


The complete sets fit:

  1. participants with a middle swing speed

In case you go after the golf ball, these shafts can be a bit poor.


  • a driver with interval and forgiveness
  • outstanding set makeup
  • a nice combo of forgiveness and feel


  • isn’t as forgiving as large club head covers


around $600




The Tour Edge is a perfect option for those, who have an average swing speed while playing golf.

One more significant point is its price. As if you bought clubs separately, you would spend more than the set costs. The quality is high, so it´ll serve for plenty of years. Thus, it takes fifth place in our rating.

6. Wilson Men’s Profile SGI Complete Set – Price-Performance Ratio

The Wilson Profile SGI is a budget set that is perfectly suitable for intermediates. It consists of light in weight bag and nine golf clubs. What’s more, it provides an SW in order to enhance your performance on the green, which is missing during the long game.

One of the most powerful lofted golf clubs in this set is a five-wood coupled with a five-hybrid. Thus, you would possess a couple of distance gaps during the long play. It gets complicated to control the spacing as well as precision.

Set Composition

The Driver, #5 Fairway Wood, and #5 Hybrid from the WILSON Men's Profile SGI Golf Club Set
  1. driver
  2. five-wood
  3. five-hybrid
  4. from six to nine irons
  5. PW
  6. SW
  7. putter
  8. stand bag


The Wilson Profile SGI golf clubs are suitable for:

  1. both newcomers and intermediate golfers
  2. golfers, who haven’t got plenty of experience with drivers
  3. players, who prefer outstanding forgiveness, feel as well as consistency


  • budget
  • contains 2 wedges
  • light in a weight stand bag
  • provides forgiveness
  • provides enhanced spacing


  • distance gaps in the long game


around $400




To sum up, the Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set is an ideal option for intermediate golfers who want to get a good product and simultaneously do not waste a fortune.

7. Taylormade Kalea Ladies – Best Golf Set For Women

Last but not least, we have a set for women. In case you want to improve your mastery and can afford to spend some extra money, this set is for you. It assists to get some more spacing on the field and keep precision.

Taylormade Kalea Ladies

What’s more, this set positions as a first-class one. Thus, the design of the bag is attractive and bright. It is light in weight with its graphite shafts and flex for swing velocities too. It assists to achieve the high launch of the ball.

Set Composition

  1. a driver
  2. three, five wood
  3. five, six hybrid
  4. from seven to nine irons
  5. pitching wedge
  6. sand wedge
  7. a putter
  8. a cart bag
  9. head covers


These intermediate golf club sets are suitable for those who desire:

  1. more spacing on the golf course and keep the precision

What’s more:

  1. a driver, hybrids, coupled with fairway wood ensure an ideal path and distance control


  • appealing bags & clubs
  • lightweight stand bag
  • proposes a simple ball flight path
  • forgiving clubs
  • an ability to maintain ball speed


  • costly
  • is not intended for miniature women


around $1500




The Taylormade Kalea Complete Golf Set is the best golf set for intermediate women. So, our article couldn’t do without it. It proposes:

  1. high quality
  2. attractive design
  3. forgiveness
  4. distance control
  5. lightweight stand bag

But, this set of golf clubs has some disadvantages. For instance, it is rather costly. Thus, it takes the last place in our rating.

Here you could find some visual information about the best intermediate golf clubs.

Intermediate Golf Clubs Buying Guide

In this article, we represented you with several amazing sets for middle handicap golfers. But, it isn’t enough to make a choice. The main trouble is determining which complete golf set is appropriate for you.

Below, you could find several aspects to pay attention to before buying a kit. It’ll help you not to throw money away.

Appropriate Budget

Golf set price relies on many aspects, such as:

  1. manufacturer
  2. amount of clubs
  3. set composition etc

While budgeting thinks about how often you will be on the golf course. In case you want to play on a regular basis, you should select a high-end set. It should serve you for many years.

If you are a rare visitor to the course, you need a basic set. Sets for middle players start at $100 to over $1000.


Most golfers know that the more spacing the simpler the game. It also leads to short hits into green and excited rounds.

In case you need a club with top-line distance, be ready to spend around $500 for a club. An interval between the high-end intermediate golf clubs and the complete set clubs is some yards.

Decide if it is Better to Buy only Clubs or a Set of Clubs

It’s up to every golfer to buy or not to buy individual clubs. Some golfers don’t want to reunite separate clubs into the complete golf set. It’s rather complicated.

Many complete golf sets are better than separate clubs. Others suffer from the lack of distance and feel. But, you could get advanced technologies and hit in that manner you couldn’t have done in the past. Nowadays, the marketplace provides better golf club sets than ever before.

Included Clubs to the Set

As we’ve already said, it’s rather complicated to compose a set by buying individual clubs. You should know, that you can hold only fourteen clubs in the golf stand bag. A putter coupled with a driver is a must-have. So, you could select twelve clubs.

Before purchasing a set, you should take into consideration the involved clubs. They should be appropriate for you.

There’s one more thing that is worth mentioning. Hybrids usually substitute long irons. Thus, it is simpler to catch the golf ball in the air. If it is significant to have hybrids, be sure that they come with the golf club set.


It assists to navigate on the set structure. Some players have access to a launch screen. Thus, it is possible to get information about gapping troubles. It applies to the distance gaps in the stand bag.

For instance:

  1. in case you break a driver 250 yards, but a three-wood 225 yards, there is a distance gap in the game at a rate of 25 yards.
  2. if you break a three-wood 225 yards, but a three-hybrid 200 yards, there’s a distance gap in the stand bag at a rate of 25 yards.

Set Makeup

To begin with, there’s no good or bad set makeup for clubs. There is a great spectrum of them. Thus, you should take into account the diversity of golf clubs.

Besides the driver, putter, and several irons, you should have a fairway wood and a hybrid.

You could buy a couple of additional clubs to complete a golf set. But, it’s better to get a set of makeup.

In case the set doesn’t contain a Sand wedge, you would want to get it. To get as low a handicap as possible you need to work well in the short golf game zone.

Note, that even the most famous and costly club sets may not involve a lob wedge. But, it’s important to have it, if you want to get plenty of shots out of bunkers. You could buy it for an extra $30 to $100.

Golf Bag

When choosing a stand bag, consider its type. There 2 kinds of bags:

  1. carry bag
  2. cart bag

The cart bag is appropriate when you ride in a golf cart for a long time. In case you walk most of the time, then you need a carry bag.

The latter proposes a particular strap that attaches clubs to the back. The former isn’t suitable for walking.

Final Word

To sum up, the best golf club set for intermediate participants has a nice combo of:

  • distance
  • value
  • forgiveness

All golf club sets in this article are great, but the Taylormade RBZ Golf Set deserved first place. The set is regarded as the first-class option. It provides:

  1. high product quality
  2. amazing output
  3. the whole range of clubs
  4. good price-performance ratio

Hope that after looking through this article you would be able to choose the best intermediate golf clubs for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below there are short answers to the frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Can I Use Beginner Golf Clubs Even Though I’m an Intermediate?

An intermediate player requires to improve their level of mastery to keep getting better. So, if you think you are an intermediate golfer, you should use more advanced sets. First of all, you need to make sure you are a true intermediate player.
As a rule, intermediate players hit 90. But, many of them can shoot 100 and less often less than 80.

What are the Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Golfers?

Based on our research, here is the listing of the best golf club sets for middle golf players:
1. The Taylormade RBZ Golf Set – First-Class Option
2. Callaway Strata Sixteen Piece Golf Set – Great Affordable Variant
3. Callaway Edge – Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate Players (Without A Bag)
4. Cobra Fly XL – Best Option For Seniors Coupled With Slow Swing Velocities
5. Tour Edge Bazooka Complete Club Set – Best Intermediate Set
6. Wilson Ultra – Best Price-Performance Ratio Golf Set
7. Taylormade Kalea Ladies – Best Golf Set For Women
8. Precise M5 Men’s Complete Set of Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

How Much Should an Intermediate Golfer Spend on Clubs?

Middle players have to spend about $500 – $1000 on golf clubs.

What are the Best Golf Sets for an Average Golfer?

The Taylormade RBZ is the best golf club set for intermediate players. This golf set has a nice combo of:
What’s more, it provides a great price-performance ratio.
But, according to your needs, there are some other best golf club sets. If you are tall, there’s a variant for tall intermediate golfers. The X9 set can assist you to get the most from the large frames.
In addition, there is a Precise M5 Men’s Complete set, that proposes great price and forgiveness. What’s more, you could choose the TaylorMade SiM MAX with its speed bridge technology.

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