9 Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners. Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are starting your golf career, it’s complicated to select a great golf set. To ease this mission, you could read this article, as here we collected the best golf clubs for beginners. Besides, you would find a buying guide, which would assist you to make the right choice.

Based on our research, we highlighted the 9 best sets for newcomers. But, we want to single out the winners of the rating. Here they are:

  1. TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set
  2. Callaway Edge Unisex Set
  3. Wilson Profile SGI Men’s And Senior Customs Set

The former is a sure winner, as it provides the best performance. What’s more, it suits newcomers, experienced golfers as well as professionals.

In the second place, you could find the Callaway Edge Unisex Set. As you might guess by the name, one of its advantages is versatility. You could buy it at an affordable cost and it offers a performance putter.

The latter option represents a great kit of CG irons. It assists to achieve high accuracy coupled with ideal distance.

By choosing the above-mentioned options, you would not regret it!

One more thing to know is the difference between buying a set and buying clubs only. The main distinction is cost. By buying only clubs you would get more versatility and personalization. But, it needs more investment. Getting a kit doesn’t allow you to personalize clubs but assists you to save money a bit.

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The Best Clubs for Newcomers in 2023 Review

Below you could find information on the best golf clubs for beginners in more detail. A major part of the sets includes all the clubs you may need, such as:

Best golf clubs for beginners
Best golf clubs for beginners Reviews
  • driver
  • fairway wood
  • hybrid clubs
  • putter
  • set of irons

In this listing, you would find golf sets at various prices. But, despite the cost, all golf sets for newcomers will be a great contribution to your future. So, let’s talk about each set in more detail.

1. TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Golf Set

The winner of our rating is TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set. It is suitable for every golfer ranging from newcomers to professional players.

TaylorMade Golf Club Set

It is also a complete golf club set that is accessible in graphite shafts as well as steel shafts.


  • RBZ titanium technology driver
  • high-speed pocket mobility golf club heads
  • hybrids clubs rather than long irons
  • multipurpose sole geometry for turf universality
  • the set includes 13 items

The Set Includes:

  • a fashionable cart bag
  • a pitching wedge
  • 3-wood
  • 5-wood
  • a sand wedge
  • 4 and 5 hybrids
  • a mallet putter
  • 6-9 irons
  • a driver

This set of golf clubs for beginners also offers hybrid clubs rather than long irons. Thus, they offer more forgiveness. They are also a perfect option for newcomers as well as right-handers. If you want to rise the swing speed, the titanium-head driver offers an improved head. Thus, you would seize all your club force.

What’s more, the superlight 50g RBZ develops swing. The Moment of Inertia design of the head helps to perform a high-powered launching and a huge space. So, you would activate the sweet spot.

There is also a superlight 180cc club head low center of gravity, which we refer to as the fairway. With its help, you could a high-launching lift. The high-speed pocket function provides more flexibility as well as more precise aiming.

Irons provide forgiveness when the club sole faces the small golf swing CG to get a great distance. The putter offers sustainability and less upper spin on a non-ideal golf course. These forgiving clubs ease targeting as well as the cutaway channel.

Besides, the kit is light in weight and provides 8 pockets and an extra pocket for refrigeration.


  • 460cc titanium club head for swing speed
  • RBZ offers launch simplicity
  • Speed Pocket
  • superlight shafts that provide great traction


  • too heavy cart bag
  • for some people, shoulder straps may look strange
  • high cost

Set Price

This set of golf clubs for beginners costs approximately $2.000, so not every person could afford it. But, this manufacturer guarantees a high-end and high-performance product. It would serve you for a long period.

To sum up, that is a perfect option for every golfer, especially for newcomers. It also provides plenty of advanced features.

2. Callaway Edge Unisex Set

The main thing you should know about this kit is that you could get it at a reasonable cost. Besides, it suggests a performance putter. That’s why it is in second place.

Callaway Edge  Golf Clubs

What’s more, you could use it despite your sex, that is rather convenient. Also, like the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set, it is an ideal option for newcomers.


  • ideal for long distances
  • Titanium three fairway wood head suggests a direct swing
  • Hybrid forgives with an oversized head and a sloping solemn
  • Odyssey Pro putter
  • the set includes 10 items

The Set Includes:

  • an edge driver
  • three fairway wood
  • five hybrid
  • from six to nine irons
  • PW
  • SW
  • Odyssey Pro putter

This set suggests a 460cc head, that suggests you to try a high-end driver. It would interfere with players with a hampered velocity of the swing, but assist others.

As for the 3 fairway wood, it is a perfect option for off-the-ground tee hits. Thanks to its planar sole as well as 15 on a shaft, it provides a launch for far distances.

Newcomers will enjoy the five hybrids with its striking strength on the fairway. This set also provides improved hitting strength and greater forgiveness. It suggests a cavity back as well as firm weighting.

In case you are a new golfer and do not need complex functions, the best option for you is irons.


  • high golf balls speed
  • the five-hybrid develops clean hit
  • wedge assists with a golf ball rotation
  • the Odyssey Pro putter provides an expert feeling of the stroke traction


  • isn’t perfect for short height
  • Matt surface tends to scrape
  • absence of the golf bag

Set Price

The suggested set costs around $800. It is more affordable than TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set.

To sum up, the Callaway Edge complete set has a perfect ratio of price and quality and is suitable for beginners. Be sure that these golf clubs for beginners would help you to develop your mastery.

3. Wilson Profile SGI Men’s And Senior Custom Set

This set is a major competitor to the above-mentioned ones and it takes third place. You could trust this vendor as it is a well-known manufacturer of golf gear.

Wilson Profile SGI Men’s And Senior Custom Set

Besides, you could get this kit in various characteristics, such as:

  • lofts
  • lengths
  • flex
  • grip sizes

What’s more, this set of golf clubs for beginners is the best men’s golf clubs. Wilson Profile SGI assists a new golfer to cope with difficulties on the way. It also provides the velocity of the swing and explosive ball speed.


  • set to include thirteen variants for loft, flex, grip, etc only
  • Super Game Technology
  • stainless-steel irons with lower CG
  • the complete golf club set includes 11 items

The Set Includes:

  • driver
  • five fairway wood
  • five hybrid
  • from six to nine irons
  • PW
  • SW
  • putter
  • golf bag
  • 3 head covers

Irons in this set of golf clubs provide a lower CG. So, it assists newcomers to be more precise and not sacrifice distances. These clubs represent a mixture of graphite and polyester.

As for the SW, it doesn’t weigh much and has a breadth sole. Thus, it’s possible to control hits as well as your achievements. The heel putter provides smooth traction, amazing impact as well as precision.

This kit suggests high-end clubs for beginners, that come with:

  • an athletic polyester golf bag
  • ergonomic shoulder carrying harness
  • self-replicating stand

Besides, it can be also used by women. Thus, by this, it is like the Callaway Edge Unisex Set.


  • 460cc driver enhancement system
  • outstanding kit of CG irons for high precision coupled with intervals


  • the poor material quality of the golf bag
  • for some people, it is strange to carry

Set Price

This set costs $400, which is more affordable than the two previous beginner sets.

To sum up, The Wilson Profile SGI is an amazing set that is a great option for beginner golfers. Any new golfer will notice the play improvement and boost confidence on the golf course.

But, there is one tiny disadvantage. Like the RBZ Speedlite Set, it can be strange to carry. But, it is a matter of taste.

4. Callaway REVA 11-Piece Set

This manufacturer is well-known for high-end gear for women. We could consider this entry set to be the best one for women. It also responds to its design.

Callaway REVA 11-Piece Set

This set is suitable for every golfer, ranging from newcomers to experienced players. Thus, it has similarities with the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Set. All the clubs assist to feel self-confident with long drivers and precise hits.


  • exclusive female design
  • includes Stroke Lab, performance putter
  • the set includes 11 items
  • includes 5 golf club covers

The Set Includes:

  • a driver
  • three-wood
  • five and six hybrids
  • seven, eight, and nine irons
  • PW
  • SW
  • putter

Like the Wilson Profile SGI, it consists of 11 items.

Using a driver from this set, every new golfer would achieve amazing lifting. Also, the sweet spot on the round club face eases striking the aim. Three-wood, five, and six hybrids are also impressive. They have equal caliber as a driver, so they provide similar strength.

As a whole, golf clubs are robust as well as well-balanced. The forgiving clubs also have streamlined designs to hit and launch a golf ball simpler. Large cavity back irons offset omitted strikes and you could control every hit.

But alas, PW isn’t exclusive or developed. It works on standard chip or pitch hits. What’s worth highlighting is the putter. The manufacturer engineered the advanced Stroke Lab shaft. Thus, you would get a sequence with every hit. By this, the Callaway REVA 11-Piece Set is like the Callaway Edge Unisex Set. It also provides an amazing putter.


  • engineered with a personal length of the shaft
  • forgiving driver
  • Stroke Lab putter


  • subpar PW
  • unlikeable cart ba

Set Price

The suggested set costs around $1700 and it almost catches up on the cost of the winner of our rating.

To sum up, the Callaway REVA 11-Piece Set is a perfect option for ladies, who are starting their golf career. It is also suitable for a bit more experienced players.

5. Cobra F-Max Complete Superlite Graphite Set

Cobra is one of the most popular manufacturers. It provides the best golf clubs for beginners.

Set of golf clubs Cobra

It is also suitable for males, females, and older people. Thus, it is a unisex sex which makes it like the Callaway Edge Unisex Set. What’s more, it is the best super light feel set and soon you would understand why.


  • graphite shaft
  • Cobra Lamkin REL tracrions
  • slice-correcting driver
  • graphite fairway woods provide velocity coupled with spacing
  • hybrids rather than longer irons

The Set Includes:

  • driver
  • three-wood
  • five-wood
  • four and five hybrids
  • from six to nine irons
  • putter
  • PW
  • SW

Like the RBZ Speedlite Set, this set of golf clubs for beginners offers hybrid clubs but not long irons.

The driver from this set is rather forgiving and its loft rectifies players who tend to slice. This golf club also goes well with three-, and five-wood. Thus, you would get an ideal tee shot on every field. The fairway woods are light in weight, so they provide higher velocity as well as more distances.


  • ultralight clubs
  • good launch path
  • slice adjusting
  • copes with immense distances
  • affordable cost


  • flimsy
  • outdated design of the stand bag

Set Price

The suggested set costs around $900.

To sum up, if you are a newcomer, this set is worth paying attention to. It also provides a good quality-price ratio. But, you should know that this manufacturer aims to provide advanced technologies.

6. Callaway Strata Complete Set

This complete set is suitable for beginner golfers. What’s more, you could get it at a reasonable price.

Strata 12-Piece Men's Set

Even though it’s cheaper than the winner, it doesn’t countenance the quality and design. The Callaway strata complete set is the best quality set for a beginner golfer.


  • have an ultralight driver
  • consists of a five-hybrid
  • you could get it in diverse configurations
  • uses graphite shafts for driver and wood

This manufacturer suggests a package for left-handers as well as females. For more experienced golfers, they provide improved 12-, 14-, and 16-item sets.

The 12 items complete golf Set Includes:

  • driver
  • three wood
  • five hybrid
  • from six to nine irons
  • pitching wedge
  • mallet putter
  • two head covers
  • cart bag

The 14 items complete the golf Set Appends:

  • SW
  • one more head cover

The 16 items complete the golf Set Appends:

  • SW
  • four hybrid
  • two head covers

This set has something to love by a beginner golfer. For instance, it has a potent titanium driver as well as an ultralight shaft. The drivers assist newcomers, who need more forgiveness. This beginner set also assists with longer drives when it comes to the fairway.

The Callaway Strata set provides cavity-backed irons. They launch the golf balls despite the position. The suggested high-end blade putter assists to put and balance the pressure on the field.

As for the bag, it uses:

  • comfortable stand
  • a double strap that counterbalances the severity
  • 4 sections to put balls etc

In contrast to all the presented beginner sets, the Callaway 12 items complete set misses the SW. Even though it will come in handy for every newcomer.


  • is suitable both for males and females
  • affordable
  • provides performance irons


  • bad traction
  • quickly wears out

Set Price

The suggested complete set costs around $400. For getting the Ultimate collection, you should add an extra $100.

To sum up, the Callaway strata beginner set of golf clubs is rather affordable. And if you are a newcomer it is one of the best options for you.

7. Wilson’s Profile XD Teen Complete SGI Set

The Profile Teen XD is suitable for teenagers. But, it is also suitable for miniature ladies, who like less invasive beginner sets.

Profile SGI complete golf set

One more benefit is its affordable price. Like the Callaway Edge Set, this one is unisex.


  • height selection: 63 to 68 inches / 5’3″ to 5’8″ / 160 to 172 cm
  • fingertip to soil selection: 25,75 to 28 inches / 65 to 71 cm
  • made of stainless steel
  • the set includes 11 items

The Set Includes:

  • a bag
  • three head covers
  • a graphite shaft driver
  • a graphite shaft five fairway wood
  • five hybrid
  • from six to nine irons
  • pitching wedge
  • sand wedge
  • putter

Every golf club provides a compulsory point and weather traction. It boosts and rectifies characteristic teenagers hit habits. The irons provide lower CG and it assists to get high precision and not neglecting distances.

Besides, calibrated pitching wedge as well as a simple launch sand wedge assists a lot. A putter has simple traction accordance to touch down the putt. Also, this set provides a convenient lightweight stand bag. Its shoulder straps assist to balance the heaviness.

One thing you should take care of is the appropriate size. Be sure that the set of golf clubs is suitable for the teenager, as the wrong sizes could mess up the play.


  • Super Play Technology driver
  • precision as well as great distances
  • Light in the weight golf bag


  • hard to buy, as it usually out of stock

Set Price

The suggested set costs around $400.

To sum up, the Profile XD Teen is an ideal option. In contrast to the Cobra F-Max or the Wilson Profile SGI, its golf bag is trendy. It is also convenient to wear and roomy, as it provides 4 pouches.

8. Tour Edge 370 Bazooka Golf Clubs

The Tour Edge 370 Bazooka set has been recently improved. It is an amazing option for newcomers as well as intermediate golfers. After the upgrade, the Tour Edge 370 Bazooka will get a superthin club face.

Thus, we got improved lifting as well as velocity. Besides, it is easier to cope with long-distance perimeter weighting.

Tour Edge 370 Bazooka

What’s more, this manufacturer aims to provide high-performance products. You could trust this vendor and golf set, as it provides a lifetime warranty.


  • the only manufacturer who provides a lifetime guarantee
  • improved head shapes coupled with weights
  • the set includes 11 items

The golf Set Includes:

  • driver
  • three-wood
  • five-wood
  • four hybrid
  • 5-sand wedge irons
  • putter
  • light in a weight stand bag

The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set includes 11 items, like the Profile Teen XD or the Callaway REVA Set.

It provides an advanced lower CG to forgive off-center hits. By using a driver, you would feel well-balanced traction, thus, you would be confident on the field. Also, this driver has too many whip actions. So, by advancing in your skill level, you would need to renew.

Cavity back irons assist newcomers to encounter the swing. Putters with a gentle shaft from steel are well-controlled.


  • well-composed beginner golf club set
  • unisex
  • includes hybrids that assist to develop hits
  • is suitable for older people and teenagers


  • average quality
  • strange shaft

Set Price by Precise Golf

The Tour Edge 370 Bazooka set costs around $600. For this cost, irons can compete with other irons from this listing. The manufacturer creates golf clubs for every golfer regardless of his skill level.

To sum up, this set falls in the category of accessible club sets for beginners. It also has a perfect ratio of price and quality.

9. Precise Golf’s Aspire Pro-X 19-Piece Set

This manufacturer is rather trusted. It release its product for about three decades.

Aspire PRO-X 19 Piece Men's Complete Right Hand Golf Club Set

That is an ideal golf club set for newcomers due to the improved graphite shafts.


  • an embedded sweet spot in every club
  • 3 forgiving clubs (hybrids)
  • personalized standard or long lengths of the club
  • amazing CG and MO

The golf Set Includes:

  • three wood
  • three-, four-, five-hybrid
  • from six to nine irons
  • sand wedge
  • PW
  • mallet putter
  • stand bag
  • raincoat
  • five covers

This set is the biggest one of all the above-mentioned club sets for beginners.

The titanium driver provides newcomers with higher velocity. So they would leave the ground and hit the golf ball easier. But, there are some problems with it, so even a newcomer could need to renew it.

As for the cavity back irons, they are perfect. They guarantee the forgiveness you need for playing golf and launching the balls. A pitching and sand wedge are good at performing on the sand walk or longer grass. Other clubs also do well. Steel shafts of the irons assist to develop your short game too.

The embedded sweet spot also does its job.


  • a possibility to choose the right golf clubs for your height 
  • Tour Pride grip feature
  • high-quality bag with some sections for storage items


  • lack of titanium drivers
  • high probability to scrape the irons

Set Price by Precise Golf

You could buy this set at the best midpoint price – $500.

To sum up, this set is worth attention, but this driver doesn’t do as well as others from this listing.

Despite the cost, every set for newcomers is a great contribution to the future. A high-end set will serve you for a lot of time and help to improve the game.

Guideline to Beginner Golf Clubs

In case you’re a newcomer you should know what to pay attention to when you want to buy your first set of clubs. Below you would find some tips to help you.

Allowed Budget

There is a wide range of prices on diverse golf sets of clubs for beginners. To begin with, you should realize if you want to save your money or spend more. You should also decide if you need some extra equipment, such as:

  • headcovers
  • raincoats
  • bags etc

As these sets are often more expensive.

Product Quality

One more important point is product quality. In contrast to the products from our review, many models can be of bad quality. They can have trouble with heads, shafts, traction, etc.

It is better to choose famous manufacturers of golf equipment, who have a good reputation. You could be sure that their products are high-end. They also provide help to newcomers. For instance, Wilson, TaylorMade, and Callaway are great manufacturers. They are the winners of our rating.


The next important point is forgiveness. As a rule, newcomers miss hits, thus, it restricts intervals as well as impedes precision.

Best beginner golf clubs sets have large heads as well as sweet spots. This way, it will provide greater forgiveness. This way, it will assist golfers to get in touch with the ball.

Well-Balanced Composition

It’s up to you to buy only golf clubs or a complete golf club set. If choosing to buy a set you should check included golf clubs.

Also, you should make sure that you own standard clubs. Buying a golf bag with a golf set also comes in handy.

What Quantity of Golf Clubs Do You Need if You are a Newcomer?

The highest number of golf clubs that every player could take is 14.

But, if you’re a newcomer you don’t need that amount. It is better to use 6 to 10 golf clubs.

What are the Most Significant Clubs?

With the most significant clubs, you need to:

  • leave the tee
  • play on the green
  • chip around the green

Thus, your first golf set should include:

  • a driver
  • from six to nine irons
  • a sand wedge
  • a putter

You could also watch the video for greater understanding.

What Clubs You Should Stay Away From as a Newcomer?

Until you have insufficient knowledge, you shouldn’t use a list of clubs.

Here are some of them:

Quite Costly Clubs for Advanced Golfers

Expensive clubs are rather attractive and you might need them, but a bit later. While you’re new to golf, it is better to begin with small and learn basic knowledge. When you learn how to work with your entry club, then you could spend money on a more luxurious set. It’ll be a long time before you do it, so you need a lot of patience and perseverance.

But, you could buy a luxurious club set if you want. As they are simpler to play and you would have a lot of pleasure. It’s up to you what to choose.

Blade Irons

The second thing you shouldn’t use is blade irons. They are great, designed for golfers with a six or lower handicap.

The sweet spot is small and leads to hand pain, so you should avoid that clubs. They’re not suitable for newcomers or a short game.

Wedges Over 60° Loft

These clubs are rather whimsical and need a high skill level.

Thus, you shouldn’t use them for some time.

Here is a video about the most widespread mistakes when buying clubs for beginners.

For What Reason It Is Better To Buy New VS Pre-owned Clubs?

To begin with, almost every item has an expiry date and clubs are not an exception. In case you´re an experienced player over time you would understand that it doesn’t operate as it used to. Thus, it needs replacement.

To our mind, a newcomer should choose a new golf club set and not a pre-owned one. A new set has more advantages than an old one. It is also better to select one from our review, as they are ideal for beginners.

Besides, new beginner golf sets for beginners are rather inexpensive. They will suit you the most. Also, it is rather complex to find pre-owned sets for newcomers. Usually, you could buy them in a poor state. So, it is better to choose the new set.

How To Determine the Appropriate Size of Golf Clubs?

It’s rather crucial to determine the appropriate size of your golf clubs. It will influence your experience in playing golf.

In case you have an appropriate dimension of the club, you would have the right posture. Thus, you would play golf better and get a lot of pleasure.

This article will help you to determine the appropriate size.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – Final Word

To sum up, in this article you have to figure out the best golf clubs for beginners. To our mind, the winners of our rating are the best golf club sets. But all golf club sets will be a great contribution to your future career.

Please leave feedback if you have found your beginner golf clubs. Good luck!

FAQ When Buying Beginner Golf Club Sets

Below you could find answers to the most frequent questions.

What are The Most Forgiving Irons for a Beginner?

Here is the list of the most forgiving clubs for beginners:

1. Best irons for newcomers – Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons
2. Best irons with high handicap – Callaway Mavrik Max Irons
3. The most forgiving clubs for high handicaps – Ping G710 Irons
4. The best feeling – Taylormade SIM Max OS Irons
5. The most universal – Taylormade SIM Max Irons

Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

Based on our research here is a listing of the best options:

1. Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Irons
2. TaylorMade Stealth Irons
3. Callaway Apex DCB 21 Irons
4. Cobra AIR-X Irons
5. PXG 0311 XP GEN5 Irons
6. LAZRUS Premium Clubs

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate

Here is the list of the best golf club sets for intermediate consumers:

1. Callaway Strata 16-Piece Set
2. Wilson Profile SGI
3. Cobra XL Speed

What is the Easiest Golf Club to Hit for Beginners?

A major part of newcomers could cope with three-, five-, seven-, and nine-irons coupled with a sand wedge. As a rule, the lower number of the iron, the longer the golf shots and vice-versa.

How Much Should I Spend on Golf Clubs Beginner?

To determine the midpoint price of the golf club set, estimate every included item. An entry set should consist of the irons, three fairway woods, a sand wedge, and a putter. The pricing of the new beginner clubs is around $350. Besides, the higher the quality of the golf club sets, the higher the pricing.

Should Beginners Use Graphite or Steel Shafts?

If you are a newcomer or a high handicapper, select lightweight graphite shafts. In case you are a low handicapper you should choose steel shafts.

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