5 Best Golf Simulators Under $1000 – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

To begin with, let’s define what the best golf simulator for under $1000 is. This device represents the state-of-the-art mechanism. It permits you to play indoor golf at any place when you can’t get to the golf club or in rainy weather.

Best golf simulator for under $1000?
Best golf simulator for under $1000?

A simulator is an installation that assists you to reflect on the swings. Therefore, you would develop your mastery in the digital driving range. It can be represented in diverse ways such as a launch monitor or even a portable hitting net. Such pleasure can be worth a fortune and not every golfer can afford it. However, it is possible to find a suitable simulator under $1000.

In this article, you would observe a listing of top variants coupled with their pros and cons and find the best one for you. However, looking ahead, the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor can safely be called the best golf simulator under $1000.

5 Top Golf Simulators Under $1000

In case you are a player with limited money, there are a couple of outstanding variants for under 1000 dollars. By purchasing this amazing system you could develop your golf game in the digital driving range and gather your beloved ones.

Here you could figure out the best simulators for playing golf under $1,000 building on our study on such a topic.

1.Rapsodo MLM – Outdoor & Indoor Golf Simulator

The winner of our rating is Rapsodo MLM. In general, we cannot call the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor a real simulator for playing golf. This indoor golf simulator does not imitate the hits in a digital software world. We put it on the list of the best golf simulators due to its high-quality and high standing.

Rapsodo MLM can be used indoors

It is a one-of-a-kind product that you use via the smartphone. Keep in mind that it is compliant with Apple products only. You could also use it with Global Positioning System Satellite View.

You should buy the product only for these reasons, as it:

  • registers the hit real golf balls for reproduction
  • offers a dynamic tracer to observe the ball’s trajectory
  • gauges velocity coupled with dimensions

Reasons to buy & avoid

There are also some reasons to buy this simulator:

  • permanent development
  • modern functions supplement
  • golf swing analyzer
  • possibility to use it with a network
  • unification with a digital coaching platform

What’s more, you could observe where your golf ball falls.

However, there is a nuance that could embarrass you – Rapsodo supports only iOS.

Another reason to buy is a pretty easy setup. You should merely:

  1. charge the simulator
  2. download a special application for Rapsodo
  3. connect it to the simulator
  4. select a game mode

The measured characteristics of the data are:

  • club speed
  • swing speed
  • spacing
  • golf ball speed
  • the angle of the launch
  • the angle of the destination
  • rate of the smash
  • launch angle

Another advantage is the possibility to use it both indoors and outdoors to develop your mastery in full. In addition, a possibility to save videos and upload them to your FriendAgenda if needed.

Also, you could get a subscription for premium customers to save approximately 10 grand in videos, and gain access to Insights, Coach Connect, and so on. The latter would allow you to attend online coaches’ lessons and get feedback.

Despite all its advantages, you could face a tiny problem such as this user:

Rapsodo is an ideal simulator that copes with its functions. There is only one problem with it. My iPhone like any other one becomes overheated in sunny weather fast. If I am at home I can put my home simulator under the tent to avoid this problem. But on the golf course, I would not have such an opportunity. S0, I use it when it’s cloudy or in the small hours.


Despite this potential issue, this simulator is worthy of attention! Also, we could name it the best indoor golf simulator and rate it 5 points on a 5-point scale.

2.SwingLogic SLX MicroSim (the former name is Title X) – Golf Simulator for Home

The second place goes to the best home golf simulator that is an alternative variant to the Optishot 2 golf simulator. It is characterized by high precision coupled with orientation on the play development.

SwingLogic SLX MicroSim - Golf Simulator for Home

The suggested variant functions as an extremely costly system costing hundreds of bucks and find room in a tiny installation. What is more, the newest iteration utilizes superior software – The E6 Connect by TruGolf.

It offers a swing stick and foam balls and does not use golf balls. You could use your swing stick, and club coupled with golf balls if needed to play in the digital driving range.

Another significant thing to know is that this home golf simulator is consumer-friendly. It is appropriate for hobbyists.

Now, let’s deep into this topic and determine its principle of operation. To start using this simulator establish the attached sensor to the golf club or swing stick. The next step is to read the in-depth instruction and follow the following stages:

Golf Simulator SwingLogic SLX MicroSim presents courses in 3 D
  • sign up for the tool
  • establish E6 Connect by TruGol (you could do it on an iPhone Operating System or Personal Computer)
  • arrange the tool
  • install several communications
  • wait for some vibrancy and enjoy your play!

Reasons to buy

There are plenty of reasons to buy it! With the assistance of this device, you could:

  1. play 3D visualization of real-life golf courses in high-resolution 4K
  2. play a wide range of modes
  3. get up to forty golf courses coupled with minigames (by signing up for a subscription for $10 per month)

Also, plenty of people glorify this device for its outstanding features. Below you could find some fascinating reviews.

Here is one with recommendations for configuring your equipment:

I have been using this device for a couple of weeks and I love it. I need it for practicing my swing between attends to the golf courses. It performs its functions perfectly and does not cost a small fortune. The E6 software offers a lot of statistics on the swing. Thus, I will develop my technique.

Below you could find some advice on the device coupled with the installation of the software:

When you sign up for the device, select a permit for the software. The next step is to install the E6 account, buy back the permit and the device will join through Bluetooth. In my case, the Personal Computer does not support Bluetooth. Thus, I bought a special adapter.

In case you covet to use your iPhone, you should:

  • choose the phone license (you should have an iPhone 8 or newer)

In case you covet to use your Windows Personal Computer, you should:

  • choose the desktop license (the graphics card should support DirectX11)
  • push Windows and R buttons
  • type “dxdiag” to verify

I had trouble installing it on my PC and Blake, but I fix it rather fast. Thus, I consider it the best golf simulator under 1000.


To sum up, the only thing that can stop you from buying is that it doesn’t support Bluetooth. Of course, excluding lengthy setup. However, there are plenty of benefits, so we could safely rate it 4 points on a 5-point scale.

3.Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor – Portable Golf Simulator

As well as the previous model Garmin Approach R10 portable personal launch monitor is not a real simulator and it takes the third place in our rating. It is the opening launch monitor under 1000 that offers possibilities for a simulator. Also, it measures precise dimensions of the club at ease.

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor - Portable Golf Simulator

You could also develop your game and play various golf courses by downloading their application. You merely need to install the network and hit the mat.

You could locate the device on an arm cart 6 feet back from the golf ball. It is a rather handy device, so you could maneuver it at any place.

Garmin Approach R10 has a lot of the below-mentioned reasons to buy.

Measured characteristics of the data

It measures 4 characteristics of the data via radar technology. It also deduces up to 10 characteristics involving both face and spine angles.

Golf Simulation Maintenance

You could develop your mastery and review your play via the special app for free. In addition, if you get a subscription you could use 40 thousand golf courses. Also, keep in mind that it is compliant with the:

  • E6 CONNECT software
  • The Golf Club 2019
  • PinSeeker application

game Recording

You could record videos by locating the smartphone’s camera in the back of the shooting space. In the upper part of every video you could see your outcome:

  1. ball speed
  2. carry & total distance
  3. club head speed
  4. swing speed
  5. launch angle

What’s more, it provides an arm cart for more convenient recording.

Their application is rather popular. Via it you could:

  • see the information on the club data
  • take part in contests every week
  • upload your outcome and so on

You could also see some useful information here –

motives to avoid

Here we will analyze the customer’s review and analyze his issue with this simulator. Remember, if this user had such an issue it doesn’t mean that you would face it. You just should know that it is theoretically possible.

So, let’s look through the problem and the solution.

I have been attempting to use it at home, but the device won’t read the swing. What should I do?

The solution is:

To begin with, the farther the ball locates from the net, the more precise the reading is. So, 12 feet is an optimal option. In addition, home usage relies on many aspects:

  1. metallic coupled with cement items influence the detecting radar, so keep them away
  2. in the case of using a mat, the device’s lower end should sit over the mat

If that didn’t resolve the problem, you could contact the manufacturer or maybe go to the local golf store.

So, if you are not able to put away metal and cement items or don’t have your very own golf room this model isn’t for you.


To sum up, the suggested model offers a good ratio of price and quality, as it costs less than 1000 dollars.

With this handy monitor, it is convenient to practice both indoors and outdoors. By using their training modes you could follow the results, share them and develop your skills. So, we rate it 3 points on a 5-point scale.

4.Optishot 2 Golf in a Box – The Least Expensive Simulator

The fourth place is occupied by the Optishot 2. One of the main reasons to buy the Optishot 2 golf in-a-box simulator package is plenty of amusement.

Golf Simulator demonstrates diverse game modes

This budget golf simulator provides:

  • diverse game modes
  • online play
  • participation in contests
  • measurements of the club head speed, golf swing, ball data, swing speed, etc

In addition, you would save a lot of money if you buy only the separate system OptiShot (with no net or mat). So, we could name it one of the least expensive golf simulators. And it doesn’t mean you will require fake balls or no balls.

You could play foursomes, play with your putters as well as choose the best courses. Moreover, there are 2 game modes:

  1. play
  2. practice

In the former one, you can select any of the 15 courses and play 8 diverse kinds of the game. They are:

  • stroke play
  • match play
  • skins
  • the best ball and so on

You could also alter the:

  • weather conditions
  • measurements of the club speed and much more
  • putting grid
  • View of the camera etc

As for the latter mode, it offers you to change any course into a training site. You would find 6 diverse target greens with high-precision rings coupled with grids.

You could also locate golf balls at any place and monitor them after hitting them.

However, if your purpose for buying a simulator is to improve your skills, we do not advise the OptiShot. To our mind, there are better golf simulators for this purpose. And it can be a reason to avoid buying this product. But if you want just to have fun, this inexpensive device is for you.

Another reason to avoid this is that the net itself is incompatible with a screen. This device operates only with a TV or PC display. However, if you want to display pictures, you should choose Golf In A Box 3.

Now let’s talk about its working process. The simulator includes an optical swing pad with sensors that gauge:

  • club head speed
  • spacing
  • face angle & contact point
  • swing plane
  • ball speed
  • swing tempo

In addition, there is 3D software that includes courses coupled with a simulation screen.

To configure this device you should:

  1. unzip the device
  2. establish the software on the Personal Computer or Mac
  3. follow the requirements
  4. connect the device to the infrared optical swing pad

Here is a useful video to help you to set up the OptiShot 2 –


To sum up, that is a great simulator for entertainment. However, it does not suit serious training of your skills. So, we rate it 2 points on a 5-point scale.

5. Flightscope Mevo Simulator – The Most Precise Device

Flightscope Mevo is the most precise as well as low-cost launch monitor and it takes the last place in our rating.

Flightscope Mevo Simulator - The Most Precise Device

In addition, this launch monitor measures plenty of characteristics, such as:

  1. club head speed
  2. carry distance
  3. ball speed
  4. spin and smash rate
  5. launch angle
  6. apex
  7. time of the ball flight

Another reason to buy is its portability. You could easily carry it on the golf course or use it at home. In addition, it is compatible both with iOS and Android apps. With their help of them, you could display your score on the smartphone and record your play for improving your skills.

Keep in mind that to use it you should have 8 inches in the back of the hitting mat. It is necessary to allow the radar to detect your own clubs and balls in the right way. Moreover, it costs around 500 dollars which makes it a super affordable golf simulator.

Here is a list of pros and cons to help you to make the right choice:


  1. high  accuracy
  2. portability
  3. club and ball data analysis
  4. smash rate determination
  5. video recording
  6. measurements of the ball speed, clubhead speed, accurate data of the swing path, etc


  1. absence of the full golf simulator setup
  2. bad graphics


To sum up, Flightscope Mevo has both advantages and disadvantages. In case you never mind bad graphics and digital golf rounds and select accuracy and cheapness, this device is for you. We rate it 1 point on a 5-point scale.

Purchasing Guidelines

1000 dollars is not an enormous sum to spend on the simulator, but no one wants to waste them. So, here are some factors you need to consider before buying an appropriate simulator.

Dimensions for Swinging a Golf Club

Operating with cheap devices and, thus, a hitting mat and a full portable hitting net, you should have enough free space to wave your golf clubs.

The best decision is to determine the size of your room and then compare it with the mentioned requirements. As a rule, you would require nine feet in altitude to set up the net.


That is the next crucial aspect, but if you haven’t got any net or mat, you could miss this point.

If this point is important for you, ensure that you could easily transport your equipment. As a rule, low-cost devices are mobile and light.

Net or its Absence

Be sure that displays will raise the simulator’s cost. But you could buy additional equipment (hitting mat, net, barrier) without no spending too much money.

You should decide if you want to spend more on them or if you would be pleased with fake balls.

Please note that using real golf balls coupled with a real golf course is better for developing your skills.

Impact Display

As a rule, a cheap golf simulator under 1000 dollars doesn’t involve something to mitigate the ball’s impact. You should buy it apart.

However, you could choose top-quality displays for approximately 200 dollars. They would save your house and observe the ball flight.

Simulator Software

Before buying a golf simulation think about such things:

  • things to do
  • game modes to play
  • activities to take part

Such devices could comply with 1, 2, or more simulation software solutions. For example, software such as E6 Connect and World Golf Tour can develop the overall experience.

In case you want to have more famous golf courses and possibilities you would have to pay more. You should think about compatible simulation software to make the right choice.

Overall Planned Budget

You should know that the more you pay, the more you get. In this article, we have gathered cheap golf simulators for under 1000 dollars.

Remember that sometimes you could not pay the full amount in one go. You could pay for it during the year or even more, so learn more about this possibility.

Also, golf simulator technology has improved and thus rather cheap golf simulator options have come to the market.

What is your golf handicap read here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could find useful answers to the most frequent questions about the best golf simulators.

Cheapest Golf Simulator

The cheapest simulator is the Phigolf Smart Golf Game Simulator. You could buy it for approximately $200. We could also include OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box cheap golf simulator to this list. However, it will cost a little more than the previous model.

Best Golf Simulator for Under $1000

According to our review, the best golf simulator under 1000 is the Rapsodo launch monitor.

Best Golf Simulator for Under $5000

We could safely call SkyTrak SIG10 Simulator Package the best golf simulator for under $5000. It will cost approximately $8000. To this list we could also include:
– SkyTrak SIG10
– Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay
– Full Swing KIT SIG10
– Garmin Approach R10 Home Golf Simulator Package and so on

Is 8ft Enough for a Golf Simulator?

An 8ft ceiling is not enough for a simulator. It should be at least 9-10 feet to suit.

What Simulator Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods uses the Full Swing Golf Pro Series.

Best Golf Simulator for Under $10,000

We consider the Bushnell Launch Pro SIG10 Golf Simulator Package the best golf simulator for under $10,000. Of course, with the price of $10,000, it is not an affordable golf simulator. Here we can add other golf simulators for game improvement:
1. FlightScope Mevo Plus SwingBay
2. TruGolf Vista 8

Most Accurate Golf Simulator

The most accurate golf simulators for game improvement are:
1. Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10
2. Full Swing Pro Series
3. TrackMan 4 FlexCage еtс
They provide extremely accurate data.

Can you Build a Cheap Golf Simulator on Your Own?

Yes, it is possible to create your own golf simulator, and even cheaper than 2,000 dollars. To create the best cheap golf simulator you need:
– affordable golf simulators
– hitting mat
– impact display
– laptop, personal computer, or a projector
Buying them apart would save you a lot of money. A budget golf simulator also offers a digital driving range for productive practice. You could create the best cheap golf simulator.

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