When is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs? Complete Guide

In case you’re not a pro golfer, it’s difficult to determine the best time to buy golf clubs and the reasons.

Best time to buy golf clubs

But there are a couple of persistent reasons to replace your old clubs:

  • the service life of the golf club is at an end
  • it’s time to upgrade your old golf gear
  • your golf game style has changed etc

It’s important to replace your gear in time, as it influences your play. But, be careful, it shouldn’t transform into a “chasing the new models”.

In short, it’s better to buy new gear during holidays. In particular, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, the spring season is worth attention.

What’s more, we would discuss plenty of aspects related to the topic:

  1. seasons during which you should buy new stuff
  2. the period when manufacturers release the latest models
  3. the time when golf clubs go on sale etc

Your First Golf Club Set Ever

If you’ve been to the driving range several times and got sick of borrowing your mate’s clubs, it’s time to buy your own golf set. It can be difficult, as there is a great number of models in local pro stores and online marketplaces.

Choosing new golf clubs is difficult, as there is a great number of models in local pro stores and online marketplaces

You require a set that includes everything any newcomer needs.

In Which Period You Should and Shouldn’t Buy New Clubs? 

If you know the season it’s better to buy golf clubs, you would save a few bucks.


The wintertime is the best time to buy golf clubs. According to the weather conditions, golf season lasts from March-April to September-October.

That’s why a major part of retail traders promotes goods in the winter off-season. Thus, there will be plenty of interesting propositions.

On the Eve of the Golf Season (Springtime)

In case you don’t pursue novelty, you could find a decent option in the springtime. The suppliers have presented the newest models on the eve of the new golf season.

Thus, shops will provide discounts on the previous models.

Autumn Period

And one more favorable period to buy golf clubs is the autumn season. A major part of offline shops coupled with online golf retailers knows that the golf season is about to end.

Thus, they provide additional discounts before the lull to sell as much as possible.

What Time of Year Do Manufacturers Release New Golf Club Models?

Summer is a period when the suppliers start to supply new equipment. Thus, it’s accompanied by great demand and high prices.

So, an avid golfer should avoid summer buying clubs.

What Period are Golf Clubs Cheaper?

Golf clubs are cheaper in the late winter-early spring season. In case there are new models on the shelves, the best prices you could meet in springtime.

Besides the spring, cold weather and wintertime is the best time to buy golf clubs too. Not everyone will start shopping and preparing for their golf play in this period.

Is It Rational to Buy Clubs During the Black Friday?

During Black Friday you could find huge discounts on a great number of top brands. For instance:

During Black Friday you could find huge discounts on a great number of top brands. For instance
  • Cobra
  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway etc

Other Discount Periods

As a rule, suppliers provide special propositions during the holiday season. For instance, during:

  1. New Year’s Eve
  2. Christmastime
  3. father’s day
  4. cyber Monday
  5. Amazon prime day
  6. manufacturer’s demo day etc

New Year

Almost every seller has some special propositions on New Year’s Eve. It is a favorable period to buy old golf clubs at a reasonable price, such as:

  • iron sets
  • drivers
  • woods
  • putters
  • a complete set of clubs etc

Don’t miss this chance as you would never find the same best deal in any other period.

Golf Demo Days by diverse suppliers

To get the best clubs, you should buy them on a manufacturer demo day. The best thing that it provides is the opportunity to try the equipment before buying.

Before buying golf clubs, it is better to test them on the field

During this event, you would test the golf equipment on the course and compare the costs.

Prime Day on Amazon

To get access to the best deals during this period you should get an amazon prime membership. You should pay for it, but it’s a great investment, as you would save money when buying new clubs.

On Amazon, in addition to the affordable price, you can also get free and fast delivery

What’s more, besides the affordable price, you could get free and fast delivery.


In some cases, you shouldn’t wait for a special season to purchase clubs. Some online stores offer the best deals all year round. So, you could monitor them for quite a while and find your perfect clubs.

You could find these special propositions on such websites:

  1. official golf equipment sites
  2. online retailers & auctions
  3. purchase & sell sites etc

Your New Golf Equipment Does not have to be the Newest

There’s nothing wrong with second-hand purchasing clubs. Plenty of stores suggest used golf clubs that are in excellent condition.

The most important factor is that this golf club should fit you. If so, that’s one more great method to save money and get the right clubs.

For What Reasons you Should Purchase New Clubs?

It’s rather crucial to replace golf clubs in time, as it influences the golf game. Below you could find some reasons.

You are just Starting to Play Golf

In case you’re a newcomer, you might not have a full club set. Getting your own set will stimulate you and help you to improve the game.

Also, buying clubs is more profitable than renting them on a regular basis.

Service Life is at an End

If you see considerable deterioration or the shafts of your clubs aren’t ideally aligned, then you should replace your gear.

As a rule, grooves on irons as well as wedges get worn out quicker than anything else. Thus, it leads to the output worsening.

Also, if you do not maintain your golf club properly, you will have to buy new equipment. For instance, you should clean the grooves of the irons with a metallic brush. Also, try to choose club heads made of top material.

Your Club is Broken

You should buy new gear when you broke the previous one. Of course, it is less expensive to buy one club separately than to replace the complete set. But, it’s not a brilliant variant.

If you broke an iron, we can’t advise you to replace only one club. It’s possible only in cases when it can replace a long three- or four-iron or wood with a great loft. When it comes to the irons, you desire to possess equal clubs to possess an appropriate gapping.

If you can’t buy a new complete set, then take all your clubs to the store and compare the lies and lofts. You can also alter the shafts if needed. Thus, you could find the best individual clubs for you.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Old Golf Equipment

In case you desire to improve your game, upgrading your golf clubs can help. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • wait for the latest models
  • buy previous year’s models at a reasonable cost

It’s up to you what to choose but, take into account that fantastic deals are usually around the start of the year (Jan-Feb).

To sum up, in case your golf set has served you for several years, it’s desirable to upgrade it.

Golfer’s Age and the Influence on Choice of the Club

Age influences a lot on the club choice and that is the thing you can’t change, so you should take into consideration the following information.

As you get older, your swing speed is decreasing. In case you use an improper flex shaft material, you are starting to lose distance too. Thus, you should replace your previous clubs with more flexible shafts. It will increase your swing speed. So, it’s rather important to consider age.

Let’s talk about each period in more detail:

Middle-aged Player

Most golfers from this category require clubs with more flexible shafts. Thus, you will stop losing distance.

Senior Player

Senior golfers should take into consideration other clubs with senior shafts.

Young golfer

At some time teenagers may need to replace their teen set with an adult set of clubs.

Playing Style

At some time you may feel that you stopped developing. Then, it’s the best time to buy golf clubs or a new set of clubs, as you might outgrow your previous gear.

New equipment can bring something new to your golf game, so you may need a club fitting.

In this article, you can read about the rules for wearing golf gloves “What Hand Do You Wear Golf Glove?”

Final Word

So, we have discussed all the reasons to buy new golf clubs. To sum up, the best time to buy golf clubs is during the holidays. You could monitor the websites that provide all-year-round discounts. The cheapest clubs you could buy in the late winter-early spring season.

In addition, if you never mind spending some extra money and getting new models, you are free to buy them in the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the answers to the most crucial questions related to the topic.

How Much Money Should You Spend on Golf Clubs?

New clubs cost approximately $300. If you are a newcomer, you shouldn’t spend more than $1000 for your golf equipment. It’s better to improve your skills first. You don’t need the most expensive club.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Golf Clubs in a Set?

You may consider that golf sets are more expensive them buying clubs separately. But it isn’t always true. You could save some money while buying the complete set as it provides all you need in one place. Also, it usually includes a golf bag.

What Time of Year Do Golf Clubs Go on Sale?

You could find great deals during holidays and in the autumn period.

How Frequently Do Professional Golfers Replace their Clubs?

A major part of pro golfers changes their golf gear once in a few years, in particular once every four years. But, fewer players use the same equipment for more than a decade. For instance, Tiger Woods, who have used the same putter for twenty years.

How Many Clubs Golfers Should Take to the Golf Course?

Every golfer is allowed to bring no more than 14 clubs.

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