How to Become a Golf Instructor? Tips to Succeed

If you’re thinking about how to become a golf instructor this post will come in handy. By complying with the described stages, you could:

  • realize the place to start
  • get the comparison of the famous study programs
  • learn if it’s obligatory to be a board-certified trainer etc

Here we gathered all the useful info. Also, all the steps are significant to follow, as thus you would get the intended job.

Golf Instructor Salary & Is it Possible to Teach Golf Without a Certificate?

Frankly speaking, it isn’t the most well-paid occupation. But in case you like to play golf and want to propose private instruction, it’s rather nice to get a salary for it.

In addition, working independently provides comfort if working part-time around a full-time job.

Averagely, instructors get approximately $35.000 – $70.000 annually.

How to become a golf instructor?

As for a private golf instructor, he gets approximately $70 – $90 per hour. Being a country club’s golf pro alongside proposing personal classes you would earn more.

One more crucial aspect is certification. It’s possible to provide lessons without it. But it’ll be too complicated to turn into an acknowledged trainer without a certificate.

Taking lessons from self-taught golf instructors isn’t an outstanding idea. 

The traditional golf instruction option is operating at a facility as a professional staff member accountable for teaching clients the course.

Methods to Become a Golf Trainer? Turn-Based Instruction

There are several methods:

The PGM Program

To begin with, the most well-known method is to be a PGA member.

To become a member of the PGA, you need to go through several stages

There are some stages to becoming this member:

data verification & screening Tests

Every person has to pass an identity verification.

Then, future golf instructors have to buy and work on the following level courses, such as:

  1. Imposition to the Golf Profession
  2. Constitution
  3. Career Development etc

Thus, you would be allowed to apply for fulfilling screening tests.

PAT or employment

Before enrolling in the PGA program, you should do one of the below-mentioned points for 8 years:

  1. pass the PAT
  2. have eligible work (at golf courses, in a country club, etc)

To successfully pass the PAT, you have to get a 36-hole within fifteen strikes of the course rating.

It’s rather complicated to pass it (less than 20% of participants can goal it). Future golf instructors should be confident in their abilities before trying.

Pay Costs

You have to pay the fees that the admission period demands.

Apply to the Professional golfers association Program

After undergoing all the stages, you can be adapted to the PGM 3.0 Associate Program.

To be a participant you should:

  1. reach the acceptable results
  2. possess a high school diploma
  3. reach the age of eighteen etc

In the end, you would get the status of a PGA trainer.

As for the costs, you could pay to become a certified instructor for only $995 with a home study program. The five-day live training will be a bit more expensive – $1495.

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Besides the previous association, there are several other methods. For instance, the best variant for women is the LPGA. In contrast to the PGM association, the LPGA members can be only women.

In contrast to the PGM association, the LPGA members can be only women

It possesses a distribution on the business and golf teaching part of the women’s play.

It proposes a mix of:

  • theory-based learning
  • application learning through experiential course assignments
  • in-person learning etc

During every course, golfers could study live. Other players get personal seeings within online courses.

The LPGA is the world's leading professional golf organization for women

To participate you should:

  1. be a woman
  2. provide a bachelor’s degree
  3. work in the field of golf
  4. pass the PAT
  5. pay the fee ($450)

One of the advantages is that it provides programs in four languages:

  • English
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin

Prices differ according to diverse programs. They don’t include travel costs for offline courses.

Professional Golf Teachers Association of America

It proposes a certification second only to the PGA.

Getting this certificate would permit you to get work in diverse locations.

When it comes to the LPGA, their programs are suitable for students who desire to get a wide spectrum of subjects:

  • golf store managing
  • tournaments organization
  • servicing etc

As for the PGTAA, they are focused on teaching the teachers how to learn golf.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America

What’s more, it accepts:

  • low handicappers
  • players with verifiable handicaps
  • trainers
  • golf students of other study programs

What Skills Do You Require to be a Prosperous Golf Instructor?

To turn into a professional golf instructor it’s crucial to have the below-mentioned qualities:

Skills of Teaching

A nice golf trainer has to assist his students to resolve problems in diverse zones. He should clarify the necessary info accessible and be:

  • sociable
  • friendly
  • a good motivator

Nowadays, trainers should be aware of the newest trends and technologies.

Also, they are familiar with:

  • physics of the golf swing
  • technologies to gauge student’s ability, output, etc

It’s also useful to use launch monitors to record a golfer’s swing, for instance. Thus, this video analysis will assist to improve the game.

Advertising & Employment Opportunities

One of the first-time trainer problems is advertising. It’s rather complex to make a prospective client register for a class. There are 3 stages you should follow to grow your business:

  1. create your customer base
  2. establish reasonable prices etc

There are plenty of commerce strategies to develop your business. The business of teaching is no less crucial than the classes you offer.

Remain Competitive on the Golf Course

Rivalry can assist you to be the best golf instructor. Thus, you’ll always remember about troubles and stress during the golf game.

Local golf tournament

So, it would be nice to take part in local tournaments held by local golf courses. Thus, your students will listen to your advice related to the game. So, stay competitive.

Get Advanced Knowledge

If you want to be a sought-after trainer, you should spend a lot of time on:

  • professional education
  • development
  • training etc

It’s a nice decision to attend diverse seminars coupled with conferences etc.

Thus, you’ll hearn advice from more skilled trainers.


To be a certificated golf coach you have to:

  1. get a certificate from the USGTF – golf teachers federation of the United States
  2. know first aid
  3. get a liability insurance

Pro Groups & Client Base

If you’ve got a PGA membership, you are respected by students on every golf course.

To attract more learners you could:

  1. utilize the PGACoach advertising services
  2. connect with local high schools & colleges with a golf club or team
  3. ask your current or former students to post about your private lessons on social media platforms

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Final Word

That’s rather complicated to become a good golf instructor. For instance, turning into a PGA teaching pro demands playing coupled with written tests.

Well, how to become a golf instructor?

To achieve it’s necessary to:

  • study a lot and gain deep knowledge
  • enroll in a golf school & get a certificate
  • develop your mastery of communication
  • have a track record working in country clubs etc
  • learn about club fitting
  • gain a client base etc

But if you’re strong enough to go through it, you will do what you like and get paid for your golf instruction.

So, read this article carefully, weigh the pros and cons, and start building the career of your dreams.

Here you can see examples of lessons from golf instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could find answers to the most frequent questions.

The Gap Between a Golf Professional and a Professional Golf Player

A golf pro is a person who earns a living in the golf industry. It’s possible to turn into a golf pro in the most popular community – PGA.

As for professional golf players, play golf to take pleasure and make a career, but don’t teach others.

Professional players cast about the trainers. That differs from applying to a job opening at a golf course etc.

Can I Teach If I am Not a Pro?

In case you don’t earn a living, you are free to do it. If you desire to earn cash by teaching golf, you should be a professional golfer and get formal training.

At What Handicap Can You Become a Golf Instructor?

The handicap is an indicator of the skill level. If your handicap is high, it means you are an enthusiast.

To be a respected golfer or to get a certificate, your handicap should be low.

What Do I Need to Give Golf Lessons?

To turn into a private golf instructor you should:

  • possess high skill levels
  • own teaching skills
  • be fitted with teaching materials, training aids, etc
  • propose great room for practicing the game
  • be aware of the latest technology trends etc

You should know the basic points:

  • appropriate grip
  • swing mechanics etc

Also, don’t forget about sophisticated ones.

Also, you should understand diverse kinds of golf clubs to realize what’s more suitable to use and in which cases.

Golf Instructor Certification Online

The fastest method to get a certificate online and to turn into a professional player is to select the PGTAA. It proposes:

  • online studying
  • additional live training

Also, you’re free to start your career at the Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management. It proposes:

  1. bachelor’s
  2. master’s degree programs etc

How Much Time Should You Spend to Become a Golf Teacher?

When it comes to the Professional Golf Association, the shortest period of studying takes 4 years. However, a program for aspiring PGA professionals takes up to 8 years.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Golf Instructor?

Five courses take up to half a year. The total price equals $200 and $32 after every course for an examination.

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