How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take?

A round of golf can take plenty of time. For example, it can take about 4 hours for 18 holes. Therefore there is a great option – to play 9 holes.

In case you are a newcomer to golf, you may be interested in the following question – “how long do 9 holes of golf take?” The answer relies on factors such as the player’s skill level, weather conditions, amount of players, the dimension of the course, and so on.

So, the time spent on the golf course can range. An average golfer can spend about 2,5 hours playing 9 holes of golf, if you are a newcomer the time may increase to 3 hours.

So, let’s go deeper into the question “How long does it take to play 9 holes?” and the factors that influence the pace of play.

How long does 9 holes of golf take?
How long does 9 holes of golf take?

Aspects that Affect the Pace of Play

There is a huge list of aspects that affect the pace of play and, therefore, the time you would spend on the golf course. In case you desire to conduct a fast round of golf, you should focus on the below-mentioned aspects. They will also answer the question “How long does it take to play nine holes?”.

The Number of Golfers Playing Golf

That is the aspect that has the most impact on the time that can be spent on the golf game. Remember, that it is faster to play 9 holes of golf in a pair, but not to play four. In case your group of golfers is huge, therefore it will take to play 9 holes of golf more.

What is more, if you are playing alone these 9 holes, you would terminate the round of golf much more quickly. However, busy golf courses as well as any other average golf course do not provide such a possibility.

The Skill Level of Players

The second most important aspect is the players with developed golfing skills. Newcomers waste plenty of time looking for a lost ball after tee shots or bouncing shots off the cart path. Remember when you started playing golf? In case you are playing a round, strike a provisional ball if you consider your golf balls are lost.

As for the putting green, poor players also could spend a huge amount of time on numerous tries to hit the golf ball into the gap.

Experienced golfers would demand merely two shots at the gap on the putting green. In addition, many golfers with experience hold the shots in the fairway and they will waste less time searching for the balls.

Go on Foot or Utilize Golf Carts

Going on foot on the golf course is a wonderful calorie-burning workout. On the other hand, it will take to play 9 holes of golf longer.

Using a golf cart is a great way to save time

Alternatively, a golf cart permits you to play faster. However, there are some special days when it is prohibited to ride golf carts and they should be kept on the cart path.

Dimension of the Golf Course

Another equally important point is the dimensions of the golf courses. In case you are playing golf on a nine holes golf course that includes plenty of Par 3s, you would terminate quicker.

Additionally, keep in mind that Par 3s are shorter than their analogs such as Par 4s. For this reason, these golf courses with nine holes are less time-consuming.

Certain players enjoy playing golf on so-called executive courses as there are short Par 3s holes. They can terminate their game from 1 to 1,5 hours.

The typical player plays in a course with Par 4s holes for approximately twelve minutes. As for the longest Par 5s holes, the game would take approximately eleven minutes on average.

Busy Golf Course or Empty Golf Course

The level of congestion of the course will significantly influence the duration of the game. Crowded courses would have a slow play as you would play worse due to waiting on each hit. It challenges to end the game faster by playing fewer holes. Reserving a tee time for nine holes on a weekday in the daytime will be faster, than reserving a tee time on the weekends.

Regularly, most golf courses are crowded with players on weekends.

Most golf courses are crowded with players on weekends

In case the course is crowded, you would await a couple of minutes for every gap. Such awaiting will raise the time spent on the course by half an hour. It is too high a price!

Difficulties of Golf Courses

That is an aspect that you should not forget about. You will play golf much longer on a difficult golf course with plenty of water hazards and thick rough, than on a simpler one with a lower number of barriers. The more barriers, the slower play is.

In case a player gets the golf ball into any obstruction, he will lose a couple of minutes looking for his lost ball on the golf course, checking whether the shot is playable, etc.

Additionally, the player must make one more tee shot. Inaccurate shots will take a lot of time, so select the course difficulty wisely.

Play Ready Golf

Common rules state that the golfer who is more remote away from the pin must strike in the first place. Nevertheless, in play-ready golf, any player who is prepared first can hit the next shot. It may significantly reduce game time.

You should be prepared to strike, monitor the factual hit, and write down scores from the prior gap as you’re approaching the next tee box.

The quality and speed of your golf game can be improved with DIY Golf Simulator.

Meteorological Conditions

Bad weather conditions can postpone the round of golf. It is possible to continue playing golf in the rain, however, any course will not permit you to play golf in a thunderstorm.

Plenty of golf clubs follow these instructions:

  1. A lightning strike followed by a storm in thirty sec. is a threat and the game should be rescheduled
  2. On most golf courses the game can not be restarted no sooner than thirty minutes after a thunderstorm has gone through the region

How Long Do 9 Holes of Golf Take, Considering The Number of Golfers?

The amount of golfers significantly affects the time spent on the game. The more qualified participants are, the fewer shots it will take. Below you could check several scenarios in more detail.

One Participant

One average participant can cope with nine holes in one hour and a half to about two hours on the condition of utilizing a golf cart and an empty golf course.

In the case of going on foot, it will take from two and a half hours to three hours. In the case of selecting Par 3s the time will decrease and it will lead to faster rounds.

It is gonna take about 2,5 hours for newcomers and 1,5 hours for skilled players.

Two Participants

In the case of utilizing a golf cart, a couple of players will cope with nine holes approximately in 2 hours. If going on foot it will take 2,45 hours.

Newcomers would pass through it in 3 hours. As for professionals, it would take half that time – 1,5 hours.

Four Participants

Many country clubs form players into groups of 4 people, as they would locate more players. However, the pace of play became far slower.

The golf pace will take to play nine holes in 2,5 hours by utilizing golf carts and 3 hours if going on foot. Newcomers could play nine holes for 3,5 hours and average players for 2,5 hours. As for advanced golfers, it will take about two hours.

Methods to Accelerate the Pace Of Slow Play

Despite many aspects that influence the pace of play, there are some methods you could implement to accelerate the game.

Keep Away From the Intense Times on Tee Sheet

When you select the equal golf course all the time, you know when the tee sheet is crowded. Many golf courses dispatch golfers every 7-1o minutes between diverse teams. The larger the intervals are, the faster the rate of the game.

Playing Ready Golf

In playing ready golf playing partners do not follow the standard order but start the game once one player is ready. Ready golf can save around thirty minutes.

Choose High-Quality Golf Carts

Select only high-quality and fast golf carts. Additionally, ride up to the player’s ball, let them get out, and immediately to the other golf ball.

Rapid Stopovers at the Turn

It is a great idea to take a 5-minute break for an appetizer or beverage after nine holes. It makes teams move at a reasonable pace.

Play an Appropriate Tees

You should play from the appropriate tee box for your degree of skill. To determine the ideal length of golf courses to play you should multiply the medium driving range by 25.

Arrange the Golf Bag

If you keep your equipment properly, you would not waste your time searching for them.

A properly assembled golf club bag reduces playing time

Permit Faster Groups Play Through

If you observe players behind your team awaiting, permit them to play through. It will increase the pace of play.

Auxiliary Sources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could find the answers to the most frequent questions.

How Long Do 9 Holes Take For 2 Players?

Many couples could play 9 holes of golf in two hours by utilizing golf carts and 2,45 hours by walking on foot. Newcomers would spend about 3 hours playing 9 holes of golf.

How Long Does 18 Holes of Golf Last For 4 Players?

Four players would take approximately 4,5 hours, relying on how many shots hit, the interval between gaps, etc. That’s a rather slow pace of play.

How Long Does it Take to Play 9 Holes of Mini Golf?

It will take to play from fifteen to twenty minutes to commit to a full round of golf.

How Long Does it Take to Golf 9 Holes with a Cart?

It will take to play for a couple of participants approximately 2,5 hours by utilizing a golf cart. If walking on foot, the pace of play would grow by nearly half an hour. A cart permits you to play faster.

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