Golf Ball Hit by Lightning. One in a Million?

So, how dangerous is the situation when a golf ball hit by lightning? There is a range of dangers that can haunt you while playing golf — for instance, sandy pitfalls, and pools coupled with brooks. You could even meet poisonous insects or snakes if you play in a certain area where they inhabit.

We could also add a lightning strike to the above-mentioned list of dangers, as this situation is technically possible. We may see a case where a golf ball hit by lightning in daily mail reports or video starring Tomas Gomez.

Golf ball hit by lightning
Golf ball hit by lightning

Golf Ball Hit by Lightning. Is It Possible in Practice?

In 2021, this video in an Instagram post that Gomez’s friend Arlette Ibarra was recording became viral.

There we can see a pretty scary instant when a boy’s ball was struck by a bolt of lightning at a Top Golf in San Antonio. This boy happened to be Tomas Gomez.

Gomez was hitting golf balls in stormy weather and while hitting balls from a ground-level bay, while it was in mid-flight it was struck by the thunderbolt. A visibly stunned Gomez falls back due to this frightening phenomenon, as we can see in the video.

Let’s figure out if this is real!

Every course possesses a high barrier throughout the perimeter. It guarantees that each object will stay inside the area. There is heavy rainfall in San Antonio so we cannot observe the barrier quite well. However, if you look a little attentively at the video, you will see that the thunderbolt struck the barrier, but not the golf ball.

High hurdle golf course

A thunderbolt occurs between grounded objects. It may hit items that are in mid-air, however, it will not end on them. The flow of energy will get through the item and keep on going to the soil.

This item merely turns into a part of the way the thunderbolt uses to hit the soil.

In theory, the golf ball can be hit by lightning, however, it will be an emergency. Thunderbolt is a huge jolt of electricity major miles longitudinally. These items such as golf balls are too tiny to affect their way to the soil.

White golf ball

The single case when lightning can hit the ball is if it was launched into the way a thunderbolt was already going to appear, at the same time the strike occurred.

For this to happen, it should have flown over the barrier at the right moment.

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Expert Opinion

As Matthew Cappucci, a meteorologist for Capital Weather Gang mentioned in a Washington Post article, experts consider that the strike hit just a pole behind the ball. This opinion is confirmed by images demonstrating columns that hold a barrier around the court. They were hidden by heavy rainfall in the above-mentioned video at a Top Golf in San Antonio.

One more opinion is that the object that Gomez launched was a touchpoint for a negative and positive charge. It would lead to the dazzling flash of a shooting video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could look through the most frequent question and find the short answers.

What Happens to a Golf Ball When Hit by Lightning?

In case lightning strikes it, the flow of energy would not abolish in mid-air at the ball. It will keep on to the ground. Anything next to the bolt of lightning is a prospective sacrifice. The golfer’s ball struck by lightning may be significantly damaged and in most cases, it leads to ignition.

How Many People Have Been Struck by Lightning on a Golf Course?

J. Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist informed that there have been twelve golf-related lightning fatal cases in the United States since 2006.

Is It Safe to Golf During Lightning?

Golf course in the rain

It is not safe to golf during lightning as well as heavy rain. So, you should not play golf or look for a hideout under a tree. If lightning caught you during the tournaments, the game will be rescheduled and golfers will abandon the field.

Has any Golf Ball Been Struck by Lightning?

It is technically possible, but unlikely, as it is too tiny to affect the way the thunderbolt to the soil.

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