What to Wear to a Golf Tournament: Guide for Spectators and Golfers

What to wear to a golf tournament — this question interests two categories of people: tournament spectators and golfers. It is probably more of a golf spectator question because you might leave major tournaments if you don’t follow the rules.

So, read on and find out what to wear to major golf tournaments for the spectator and what to wear to a golf tournament for the player.

However, if you want an easy and quick way to know what to wear to a golf tournament, just dress like a golfer

Since most golf courses and tournaments have their own traditions and rules. In this article, we will also learn the rules of golf etiquette.

What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

What to Wear to a golf tournament: Tips for Golf Spectators

Whether you’re going to a championship or a golf tournament, you need to know what to wear and what you’re allowed to bring. Each tournament may vary depending on the specific rules, but there are a few basic rules to follow.

What Should Men Wear to a Golf Tournament?

A great pair of shorts, khakis, and a golf shirt would make a timeless ensemble for the male spectator. Long or short-sleeved button-down Oxford shirts are an additional option.

Here’s a quick look at what men can and cannot wear to a golf tournament.


  • Khakis
  • Solid-colored windbreaker
  • Golf shirt
  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Nice shorts
  • Tennis shoes, loafers
  • Cap 


  • Jeans
  • Tank tops
  • Gym shorts
  • Golf shoes with metal spikes
  • Flip-flops


Some clubhouses have dress policies that require collared shirts. Therefore, the most popular collared shirt to wear to a golf tournament is a golf shirt or polo shirt.

If the weather is bad, other solutions like golf hoodies and pullovers are suitable. In general, men can wear different types of shirts to play golf in tournaments – this is a collar t-shirt, button down, or golf t-shirt (1/4 zip if it is cold).

A great pair of shorts, khakis, and a golf shirt would make a timeless ensemble for the male spectator.
A great pair of shorts, khakis, and a golf shirt would make a timeless ensemble for the male spectator.

Bottoms: Pants/Shorts

Unlike players on the PGA Tour, male spectators are not required to wear golf pants, shoes, or slacks.

In general, at a golf tournament, a man can wear jeans. Golf Shorts, Golf joggers, Slacks, Or Khakis

The possibility of walking across damp grass is one advantage of wearing shorts rather than pants, but the shorts should look more like golf shorts or casual chino shorts, not bathing suits or surf shorts.

Denim is not always explicitly prohibited in golf courses. Jeans and denim shorts are most likely frowned upon.


Sneakers with good waterproof features are the perfect shoe choice for golf tournaments.

If you plan to walk a lot, then you can wear comfortable shoes, like a good pair of tennis shoes.

Golf shoes may also work. They must be soft spikes or spikeless.


A baseball cap, visor, or wide-brimmed hat is suggested and falls within golf tournament etiquette.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. Then, sunglasses or a straw golf hat will be the best to wear.

What Should Women Wear to a Golf Tournament?

Professional golf tournaments are more lenient on women’s clothing. Female spectators typically don a wide-brimmed hat, shorts or skorts, a sundress, or a pair of casual flat or tennis shoes. Therefore, for women, golf tournament outfit ideas are more diverse. 

Here’s a quick look at what women can and cannot wear to a golf tournament


  • Modest sundress
  • Sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse/shirt
  • Capris
  • Cardigan or windbreaker
  • Shorts or nice slacks in cooler weather
  • Tennis shoes or comfortable flats
  • Sturdy sandals
  • Wide-brimmed hat, cap, or visor


  • Jeans
  • Spandex 
  • Graphic tees 
  • Spaghetti straps 
  • Tube tops 
  • Short-shorts
  • Flip-flops
  • Heels


For women, as for men, the golf shirts can be standard: sleeveless shirts with a collar, T-shirt, or blouse (1/4 zip if it is cold). A sleeveless shirt with a collar is acceptable, but a sleeveless shirt without a collar is not. 

Also permissible are golf hoodies, pullovers, blouses, and t-shirts with no offensive text or overbearing advertising.

If the weather is warm and sunny during a golf tournament, then a comfortable summer dress or golf dress will be appropriate.


Skirts and dresses are acceptable for women while watching a golf tournament. Also for women fit golf shorts and slacks or pants. 

Some courses have restrictions on the length of shorts or skirts, so best to clarify the rules in advance.

When choosing shoes, focus on comfort and functionality


When choosing shoes, focus on comfort and functionality.

If you follow the players around the course from hole to hole during a tournament, high heels or uncomfortable shoes will play a bad role. Therefore, the sneaker or golf shoe is an excellent choice for a golf tournament.

And for walking on wet grass, shoes with waterproof technology are suitable.


When attending a golf game or tournament as a spectator, a variety of headwear options are acceptable for women: baseball caps, visors, and wide-brimmed caps.


At golf tournaments, there is not much difference between what a child should wear and what an adult spectator should be doing to avoid wearing clothes. So, the child can be dressed up as a professional golfer.

Do not forget that for sunny weather, the outfit should be with a cap or visor to protect the child from the sun.

You definitely can’t go wrong if you dress your child for a golf tournament in the following clothes: a polo shirt, or golf t-shirt; golf shorts, slacks, or khakis; a baseball cap, and comfortable waterproof sneakers.

If you follow the players around the course from hole to hole during a tournament, high heels or uncomfortable shoes will play a bad role

In addition, we advise studying the direct site of the golf course where the golf tournament will take place before visiting the golf event, to consider the area: where there will be regular parking, VIP parking, etc.

Tips on where to park as a golf spectator and what to wear to a golf tournament can be seen in this video.

What to Wear to a Golf Tournament for the Player

Most golf tournament formats follow strict rules that grow more flexible as you get to know them. Golfers frequently wear a variety of similar attire since it’s simpler to play it safe than to use the greens as a runway for fashion.

Golf tournament attire is available in a wide range of designs, fabrics, and formalities. These outfits might be one-off items or the entire dress code.

On the courses, you’ll see folks sporting Bermuda shorts, sporty skirts, khaki pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, and caps.

The majority of these goods are required in some capacity by golf clubs, who demand that you wear clothing appropriate for their clubhouse and dining area. As a result, you want to wear something stylish and athletic.

By itself, golf is not a cheap sport. As a result, your clothing must show that you invested money in it.

Think about the following things while deciding what to dress for a golf tournament:

  • Your desired spending capacity
  • How esteemed the competition is
  • Whereabouts of the course
Some courses have restrictions on the length of shorts or skirts, so best to clarify the rules in advance

The location of the golf courses matters because the weather will dictate what you wear. During sunny summer days, when temperatures rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, require lighter clothing than windy days.

If you don’t know what to wear to a golf tournament, the best to wear is simple clothes.

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Here are Some Suggestions for a Golfers Tournament Attire:

  1. On the golf course, monochrome clothing is always appropriate. Yes, it might seem a little uninteresting, but showing how important golf events are, a discreet color scheme would be perfect.
  2. Do not wear denim! From a fashion and performance standpoint, jeans are not the best choice for golf competitions.
  3. Remember to tuck your shirt in. For a golf course, an untucked shirt will look too casual.
  4. Wearing non-athletic shoes, such as boots, sandals, slides, shoes with metal spikes, and cleats could harm the course.
  5. Do not wear baggy clothing! Such clothes will look sloppy and ruin your game.

What You Can and Can’t Bring to a Golf Tournament?

Since most of the time, the spectators will have to move about the field, it is better not to take many things with you. The rules for visiting tournaments are changing together with the list of things allowed to take with you to the tournament is also changing. For example, current PGA rules do not allow spectators to wear backpacks, instead, clear bags are recommended. 

Let’s take a look at the list of items that you can bring to a pro golf tournament.

We will also indicate which items are not allowed to be brought to the Open Golf Tournament. These requirements apply to most golf tournaments. Tournaments usually release a list of prohibited items, so always be sure to check those.


  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Plastic rain poncho or a jacket 
  • Cell phone (must be on silent)
  • Umbrellas without sleeve
  • Binoculars
  • Camera with a lens smaller than six inches
  • Small portable folding chair without chair bags
  • Money for parking, and souvenirs (Often at major golf events, the PGA Tour sets up really good stalls)


  • Bags larger than a small purse (can’t exceed 6 x 6) (most golf clubs will allow you to carry a small purse but check for specific
  • Large backpacks
  • Weapons
  • Clear bags larger than 12 x 6 x 12 
  • Metal, glass, or plastic cups or containers (exceptions made for medical or infant needs)
  • Pets (except – service animals)
  • Alcohol and outside food and beverage
  • Coolers
  • Large chairs 
  • Radios
  • Banners or signs
  • Video cameras, periscopes (depending on the event) 

Golf Tournament Etiquette

In addition to knowing what to wear to a golf tournament, you must follow golf etiquette, the rules of which are unchanged.

Don't try to directly talk to players on the course, and don't try to offer game advice
What to Wear to a Golf Tournament. Guide for Spectators and Golfers
  • Keep your cell phone on silent. Try to refrain from talking on a mobile phone, because this is not very respectful not only to the players but also to those spectators who surround you. 
  • Stay quiet. When a player is getting ready to take a shot, do not laugh, move, or speak. These activities frustrate and disturb a lot of players.
  • Don’t try to directly talk to players on the course, and don’t try to offer game advice.
  • Be careful not to block the view of the people behind you.
  • Never touch the ball in any way. Sometimes a shot will go out of bounds. If you’re the target of a shot, try to avoid it. Pay close attention and try to assist the golfer if a ball comes your way. As soon as you locate the ball, move aside to allow the golfer to take action. 
  • Only approach a contestant for an autograph before them entering the practice area or following them leaving the scorer’s area. There might be a separate space sets aside for signing autographs.
  • If alcohol is offered, don’t consume too much of it. Alcoholic spectators are frequently asked to leave.
  • It is advised that you refrain from smoking inside the gallery. If you must smoke, leave the area and pay attention to the direction of the wind.


Knowing what to wear to a golf tournament is not the most crucial thing, but if you don’t have your fashion under control, you’ll be focusing too much mental energy on it. 

So, dress like you’re going to play golf – this is the best answer to the question of what to wear to a golf tournament

We hope this article will help both golfers and spectators quickly choose what to wear to a golf tournament.

What fashion tips do you follow when you are going to attend a golf tournament?

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps our fashion tips are not enough for you. You will still have questions about what to wear to a golf tournament. Below we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is There A Dress Code At Golf Tournaments?

Yes, some golf tournaments have a dress code that can be found on the tournament information website. However, if you dress as though you are going to your neighborhood golf course for a round of golf, odds are good that you will adhere to the golf dress code anyway.

Should I Bring a Chair to a Golf Tournament?

It is not allowed to use carrying cases, backpacks, camera bags, or chair bags. You can use a one-gallon transparent resealable plastic bag or a clear plastic or vinyl bag up to 12″ x 6″ x 12″.

Is There a Dress Code at the PGA Tournament?

The PGA does indeed have a golf dress code. During tournament play, players have to always be in pants. They must wear collared shirts with sleeves that cover at least their upper arm in half. Khaki or another type of dress, fabric pants, must be used for the white pants only. Denim and sweatpants are not allowed. We don’t have to worry about this when dressing for PGA golf tournaments because shirts must always tuck in.

What Should I Wear To The US Open Golf Tournament?

Golf shorts, khaki shorts, or another style of high-end dress pant fabrics should be worn with a collared shirt tucked in. If you intend to tour the course, you should wear comfortable sneakers, but if you purpose to spend most of your time in the hospitality tents, boat shoes, and loafers are also good.

Do Korn Ferry Tour Events Have A Dress Code For Spectators?

When it comes to golf attire though, PGA Tour events are comparable to Korn Ferry Tour events. When attending a Korn Ferry Tour event, try to present a professional, tidy, and immaculate appearance. Golf shoes without metal spikes, golf shorts, and sneakers are acceptable attire.

Can I wear leggings under my golf skirt?

If you think your skirt is too short is to layer underneath it with leggings.

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